8 talented fathers and sons who play football in Europe’s top five leagues

8 talented fathers and sons who play football in Europe’s top five leagues

Of course, football is a type of sport that keeps going from generation to generation. That’s why there are many brilliant fathers and sons who play football, which is amazing.

Football as a sport runs in many families, like the Hazard or Ayew families. Interestingly, they are all talented and brilliant players, regardless of their positions.

It’s actually surprising to see daddies and sons playing football. Because it comes with a lot of excitement, the sons will focus on having more legacies than their fathers.

Apparently, Alfie Haaland and Erling Haaland are one of the talented fathers and sons who play football in Europe’s top five leagues.

The Norwegian goal-machine is currently gaining ground at Manchester City. As a result, he now has more legacies than his father, who played as a right-back.

Of course, a father and his son cannot be playing football in the same century. As a result, these daddies have already retired from professional football.

However, their sons are still up and running in the world of football, making headlines at their respective clubs. That’s why the sport is the most exciting.

Who are the talented fathers and sons who play football in Europe’s top five leagues?

Carles Busquets – father (goalkeeper) 
Sergio Busquets – son (midfielder) 

fathers and sons who play football

Obviously, they play different positions in the world of football. But they actually have many things in common, even though Carles was a goalkeeper.

Sergio Busquets hasn’t played for any club aside from Barcelona. And his father, also played most of his games for the Blaugranas.

The Spanish midfielder will leave La Liga at the end of the campaign. He’s expected to join Inter Miami or any other club outside Europe.

Sergio Busquets and his father are legends at Barcelona. They both helped the Culers win many games, particularly in La Liga.

It’s believed that the 34-year-old midfielder started his career at Barcelona. Because his father also started his football career at the club.

Amazingly, as a goalkeeper, Carles Busquets made 165 appearances for the Bluagranas. While Sergio Busquets has already played more than 500 games for the Culers.

Mark Chamberlain – father (winger) 
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – son (midfielder) 

The 29-year-old Liverpool midfielder and his dad are one of the famous fathers and sons that play football. They were actually brilliant and talented.

Mark Chamberlain spent his entire football career in England. He made some appearances in the Premier League, having played for Brighton Albion and the rest.

His son, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hasn’t signed for any clubs outside England. He has played for Southampton, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

Speaking of achievements in the world of football, Alex has obviously achieved more honors than his father. However, they shared the same blood.

The former Arsenal midfielder has won the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, and some European trophies with the Reds.

Despite the fact that his father, Mark Chamberlain, spent 20 years in football. Alex has achieved more than his father in the world of football.

Periko Alonso – father (midfielder) 
Xabi Alonso – son (midfielder) 

This is father and son who played the same position in football, which is actually interesting. Because they have many things in common as midfielders.

Of course, it’s wise enough to say that Xabi Alonso learned many things from his father. Because he was also a complete and brilliant midfielder.

Even though Xabi didn’t play for Barcelona, he played for Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich. His father made some appearances for the Culers.

Periko Alonso played most of his games for Real Sociedad. He made just 54 appearances as a midfielder for the Blaugranas. At least, he once wore Culers’ shirt.

Regardless, Xabi Alonso’s father will be very proud of him. His son is now in management, currently making waves and shaking the Bundesliga.

And as a player, he won many trophies at club level. The Bayer Leverkusen gaffer was a legend for Liverpool, and possibly Los Blancos.

Alfie Haaland – father (right-back) 
Erling Haaland – son (striker) 

Erling Haaland, Alfie Haaland

They are obviously one of the talented fathers and sons that play football. Even though they seemed to be playing different positions.

Alfie Haaland is no stranger to the Premier League, he played for some clubs in the league. He made some appearances for Leeds United and Nottingham Forest.

Alfie also played for Manchester City, despite the fact that he played just 38 games for the Citizens. And he scored 3 goals for the club as a right-back.

Interestingly, his son, Erling Haaland, is currently playing for Manchester City in the Premier League. And they have made it to the UEFA Champions League final this season.

Erling has already overtaken his father’s legacy at Etihad Stadium. He has broken many unbreakable records at the club, particularly in the Premier League.

Regardless of their positions, Alfie Haaland will be very proud of his son. Because he’s currently one of the top central-forwards in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Marcos Alonso Snr – father (winger) 
Marcos Alonso Jnr – son (left-back) 

Surprisingly, they both started their football careers at Real Madrid. Nevertheless, it’s believed the father made ways for his son with Los Blancos.

At the same time, Marcos Alonso snr was once a Barcelona player. He played most of the matches for the Culers, making 124 appearances and scoring 28 goals.

Meanwhile, his son, Marcos Alonso jnr is currently playing for the same Barcelona in La Liga. He left Chelsea in 2020, having played more than 100 games for the Blues.

It seems the son is following in his father’s footsteps in the world of football. But he hasn’t played for Atletico Madrid, while his dad once wore the club’s shirt.

As a footballer, Marcos Alonso snr won the Copa del Rey, La Liga, and the European Cup. Nevertheless, his son achieves more than him in football.

Alonso jnr was a UCL, UEL, and FIFA Club World Cup winner at Chelsea, before his move to Barcelona in 2022. Achievement-wise, he’s actually above his father.

Peter Schmeichel – father (goalkeeper) 
Kasper Schmeichel – son (goalkeeper) 

This actually explains why the former Leicester City goalie is one of the top goalkeepers in Europe. He obviously learned from his father.

Amazingly, Kasper Schmeichel and his father are goalkeepers, and they play the same position. His father was very talented and brilliant.

Speaking of talented fathers and sons that play football in Europe’s top five leagues. This is the first time to see a father who won more titles than his son.

Peter Schmeichel played for Manchester City, Manchester United, Aston Villa, and others. As a result, he was a legend in the Premier League as a goalkeeper.

Kasper’s father won the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, the FA Cup, and many individual awards. He was better than his son.

Nevertheless, the Foxes former goalie is now playing for Nice in Ligue 1. He enjoyed most of his career at Leicester City in the Premier League.

Ronaldinho – father (midfielder) 
João Mendes – son (striker)

Despite the fact that their names sound different, they are actually father and son. They look alike, talking about their physical appearances.

Of course, Ronaldinho was an unstoppable player for Barcelona, and he can be considered the club’s legend. He won many trophies with the Culers.

Meanwhile, João Mendes is now playing for the Barcelona youth team. He joined the Blaugranas in the January transfer window, even though he hasn’t made any appearances for them.

The Culers are excited to sign Ronaldinho’s biological son in January. Because they believe he is most likely to dazzle impressively like his father.

Also, João Mendes was on cloud nine when he signed for Barcelona in January. At least, he’s now looking forward to getting close to his dad’s legacy at the club.

Regardless of their positions, Ronaldinho is expected to teach his son some of his skills and flicks in football. Mendes is most likely to reach new heights.

Paolo Maldini – father (centre-back)
Daniel Maldini – son (midfielder) 

Daniel Maldini should be proud to have one of the greatest defenders of all time as his father. Football will always remember Paolo Maldini.

They are literally one of the brilliant fathers and sons that play football in Europe’s top five leagues. The father was actually loyal as a player.

Paolo played for AC Milan, he spent his entire football career with the Rossoneri. At the same time, his son, Daniel, is currently playing for AC Milan.

However, he’s now on loan at Spezia, where he has already made 18 appearances with 2 goals scored. He’s expected to follow in his father’s footsteps with the Rossoneri.

Daniel Maldini just started his professional football career, he’s currently 21-year-old. So, he’s not close to his father’s legacies in the world of football.

In all fairness, he may not be able to win as many trophies as his father. Paolo Maldini won every title as a footballer during his time at AC Milan.

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