André Onana stats vs Mike Maignan, who should Chelsea sign as their goalkeeper?

André Onana stats vs Mike Maignan, who should Chelsea sign as their goalkeeper?

André Onana stats in the UEFA Champions League are amazing, as he keeps making waves at Inter Milan. Of course, many European clubs are monitoring him ahead of the summer.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper has helped Inter Milan qualify for the 2022-2023 UCL final for the first time since 2010. The Nerazzurri are unstoppable this year.

As a result, some top clubs are interested in him ahead of next season, particularly the Premier League clubs. They believe he will leave Serie A next campaign.

According to Ben Jacob, Chelsea have already reached out to André Onana. They want him as a replacement for Edouard Mendy or Kepa Arrizabalaga.

At the same time, they have AC Milan’s Mike Maignan on their radar. Despite the presence of Gabriel Slonina, the Blues are most likely to sign a new goalkeeper.

Reportedly, Kepa Arrizabalaga or Edouard Mendy are expected to leave Stamford Bridge next season. As a result, the West London club needs a replacement.

Therefore, they have André Onana and Mike Maignan on their shortlist. Which means they may sign one of the Serie A goalkeepers in 2023-2024.

It’s confirmed that Mauricio Pochettino will have a say in signing their next goalkeeper. Nevertheless, it’s expected to be the Cameroonian or the Frenchman.

The Argentine gaffer will definitely be in charge of Chelsea next season. So, it’s up to him to approve the signing of new players, particularly in the summer.

Both the Cameroonian and the Frenchman are brilliant goalkeepers. They have been making waves in Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League.

André Onana stats against AC Milan look insane. He has made 4 appearances against the Rossoneri, with 4 clean sheets and 0 goals conceded.

In addition, the 27-year-old goalkeeper has the most clean sheets (8) in the UCL this season. He’s literally above many goalkeepers in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Steven Gerrard on Andre Onana: 

“He could wear number 10 on his back. He’s like Ederson. All night he’s getting pressed; he’s under pressure; he’s calm and collected. He can play long and play short. I loved watching the keeper. He was fantastic.”

Goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in the UEFA Champions League this season so far

  • André Onana – 8 (Inter Milan)
  • Ederson – 5 (Manchester City)
  • Thibaut Courtois – 5 (Real Madrid)
  • Simon Mignolet – 5 (Club Brugge)

Chelsea are reportedly overwhelmed by André Onana stats this season. Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali believe he can make a difference at Stamford Bridge.

Obviously, he’s on the verge of creating a new record in UEFA Champions League history. He now has 8 clean sheets in the competition, while the record for the most is nine.

André is now the first Cameroonian goalkeeper to play in the UEFA Champions League final. Of course, he keeps making headlines.

At the same time, Mike Maignan has been on fire for AC Milan in all competitions this season. He has won many games for the Rossoneri this campaign.

Despite the fact that they were eliminated from the UCL on Tuesday by Inter Milan. The Frenchman dazzled impressively throughout the 90 minutes.

According to Fabrizio Romano, AC Milan believes Mike Maignan is worth more than £85 million. Apparently, it’s going to be tough for the Blues in the summer.

Of course, Kepa Arrizabalaga and Edouard Mendy are top-notch and brilliant goalkeepers. However, the West London club desires to upgrade the squad.

Onana also has the most saves (44) in the UEFA Champions League this season. His stats are too good to ignore, opening doors for a summer move.

Goalkeepers highest saves percentage in the UCL this season

  • Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) – 84.4% (38 saves)
  • Mike Maignan (AC Milan) – 83.3% (16 saves)
  • Ederson (Manchester City) – 82.6% (20 saves)
  • André Onana (Inter Milan) – 80.4% (44 saves)

Apparently, the two Chelsea targets are flawless this campaign. Which means one of the Serie A goalkeepers may arrive at Stamford Bridge next season.

André Onana stats

What’s the difference between André Onana and Mike Maignan? 

In all fairness, the Cameroonian and the Frenchman are unstoppable in saving. Which means they are good shot stoppers, without committing any errors.

Amazingly, they are both 27-year-old. As a result, they are literally having their best time in their professional football careers. That makes them perfect for the Blues.

Having watched the two brilliant goalkeepers this season. They have many things in common with each other, and a little difference.

André Onana is now unstoppable this campaign, because he’s making waves with the Nerazzurri. However, he’s not really consistent as a goalkeeper.

Despite the fact that he has the most saves (8) and clean sheets (44) in the UEFA Champions League this season. He has moments of indecision.

This season he’s excellent, next season he’s a flop. The Cameroonian doesn’t have that grace of consistency. That looks like a difference between the two goalies.

On the contrary, Mike Maignan is very consistent and stable as a goalkeeper. Even though he’s not having a flawless campaign with AC Milan.

The Frenchman has been performing impressively for the Rossoneri for some years now. He looks consistent and always wants to deliver, helping the team’s display.

André Onana stats vs Mike Maignan 

Statistics André Onana Mike Maignan
Games 22 19
Touches 46.3 41.4
Key passes 0.09 0.05
Clean sheets 8 7
Saves 2.5 (74%) 1.9 (66%)
Pass accuracy 79% 79%
Long balls accuracy 6.1 (45%) 4.9 (44%)
Goals prevented -2.97 -1.24
Penalties saved 0/2 1/3

Reasons why Chelsea may sign André Onana over Mike Maignan

1. Passing ability 

The 27-year-old Cameroonian goalkeeper is a flawless passer, even though he’s a goalkeeper. Passing is considered one of his biggest strengths.

Unlike Kepa and Mendy, Onana usually uses his passing ability to locate his teammates on the pitch. He’s always comfortable with his passing skills.

Actually, it’s up to Mauricio Pochettino. However, the Argentine coach wants his goalkeeper to be good with the ball at his feet.

2. Saving ability

Obviously, the goalkeeper has made the most saves in the UCL this campaign. Which means he’s above the likes of Ederson, Courtois, and the rest.

André Onana concedes 0.88 goals per 90 minutes this campaign. He concedes few goals against the opponents at Inter Milan.

The Premier League isn’t a joke. The Blues need a goalkeeper with brilliant saving skills. The Cameroonian goalie ideally fits the profile.

3. Shot-stopping

The 27-year-old goalkeeper stops shots comfortably under pressure. He’s always focused and determined inside the box, a nightmare for the opponents.

Kepa Arrizabalaga actually has many things in common with André Onana. His shot-stopping skills are second to none in Europe’s top-5 leagues this season.

There are many shot-stoppers in the Premier League. Nevertheless, the Cameroonian’s ability to stop shots is needed at Stamford Bridge.

Reasons why Chelsea may sign Mike Maignan over André Onana

1. Stability 

Like I said earlier, the Frenchman is very consistent as a goalkeeper. He does dish out consecutive brilliant performances in all competitions for AC Milan.

For a goalie, stability seems like a huge asset. Because there’s a probability that the goalkeeper will continue to upgrade the team’s stats every season.

Even though the Cameroonian is having a good season this campaign. Chelsea may consider Maignan because of his ability to stay consistent.

2. Discipline 

Unlike André Onana, the Frenchman is a disciplined goalkeeper. He barely gets into a fight or is booked for yellow or red cards on the pitch.

Of course, Mauricio Pochettino would want a goalie he can control, the type of GK that will listen to him. Mike actually fits that profile as a goalkeeper.

The Frenchman doesn’t have any record of stubbornness or rudeness toward his managers. He looks like an ideal goalie for the West London club.

3. Saving prowess

Despite the fact that Onana seems unstoppable in all competitions this season. Maignan has a better saving percentage in Serie A than him this campaign.

It’s up to Mauricio Pochettino to choose his new goalkeeper. Because the two goalies have great saving ability. Nevertheless, the Frenchman looks balanced.

Having seen the likes of Ederson and Alisson. Chelsea need a GK like Mike Maignan because of his saving prowess. He saves the ball without any stress.

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