Arda Güler

Obviously, Real Madrid spent a massive amount on Jude Bellingham to sign him from Borussia Dortmund. Also, Los Blancos are firmly interested in Arda Güler of Fenerbahçe.

The La Liga side have already started preparing for their future. Of course, they have offloaded Casemiro, who joined Manchester United in the Premier League.

Even though Toni Kroos and Luka Modric have extended their contracts. The Spanish club have already started preparing for life after them.

As a result, Real Madrid are now in concrete talks with Fenerbahçe for Güler. They are reportedly confident of bringing the 18-year-old midfielder to the club.

Follow the recent UEFA rules as regards transfers. The Turkish youngster is expected to sign at least a 5-year contract with Los Blancos, committing his future.

He’s most likely to join Real Madrid for a fee of €20 million plus add-ons. Meanwhile, he reportedly has a €17.5 million release clause on his contract with Fenerbahçe.

Barcelona have already agreed personal terms with Arda Güler. However, the 18-year-old midfielder changed his mind, wanting to join Real Madrid in Spain.

It’s confirmed that Los Blancos have been following Arda since January. As a result, they have literally leapfrogged the Culers to get the player’s signature.

Despite Carlo Ancelotti leaving in 2024. Real Madrid keeps investing massively in their future, particularly in the midfield, with brilliant and excellent players.

Real Madrid’s midfield options

  • Federico Valverde (24-year-old)
  • Aurélien Tchouaméni (23-year-old)
  • Jude Bellingham (20-year-old)
  • Eduardo Camavinga (20-year-old)
  • Arda Güler (18-year-old)

Potential-wise, the La Liga side have already secured their midfield for the future. Which means they would continue to make headlines after Kroos and Modric.

The Turkish wizard reportedly prefers Real Madrid’s project. Therefore, he has chosen Los Blancos over every top team in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Amazingly, Real Madrid aren’t planning to loan out Güler, despite him being just 18-year-old. He’s expected to be with the first-team under Carlo Ancelotti.

Since Barcelona’s Deco has reached an agreement with the 18-year-old Turkish. Luka Modric reportedly phoned him, and changed the player’s mind.

It’s very surprising to see the Croatian magnifico convincing Arda to join Madrid. Of course, he recognizes his potential, and wants to replace him at the club.

Arda Güler’s stats for Fenerbahçe in Süper Lig

20 appearances
923 minutes
4 goals
3 assists
2.51 expected goals
3.86 expected assists
7 big chances created
1 penalty won
57 passes per 90 minutes
85%pass accuracy
3.9 key passes per 90
3.9 successful dribbles per 90
2.4 tackles per 90 minutes

Apparently, the 18-year-old Turkish is indeed an all-around talent. With that being said, he has the ability to establish himself at the club, particularly in La Liga.

As of June 2023, Arda had created a new record, becoming the youngest player ever to score for Turkey in 17 years. In all fairness, Los Blancos are lucky to have him.

With the likes of Aurélien Tchouaméni, Eduardo Camavinga, and the rest. Güler will definitely enjoy his freedom in the midfield, particularly under a new manager.

It’s believed that Carlo Ancelotti must have approved the signing of Arda Güler. As a result, he will definitely want to contribute to his improvement before leaving in 2024.

Who is Arda Güler? 

The 18-year-old midfielder is often called the “Turkish Messi”. Because he’s a left-footer, he has many things in common with Lionel Messi of Inter Miami.

That’s part of the reason Barcelona were hell-bent on getting his signature. However, they later lost him to Real Madrid, and they are currently looking for alternatives.

Arda started his football career as a midfielder, having been an all-around midfielder. As a result, he has the ability to play every available position in the midfield.

The 18-year-old Turkish joined Fenerbahçe Youth in 2019. Two years later, in September 2027, he signed his professional contract with the Turkish club.

Despite playing outside of Europe’s top-5 leagues. Güler is considered a wonderkid because of his potential as a midfielder. Many European clubs appreciate him.

He has already participated in the UEFA Europa League at Fenerbahçe. It was when he made his professional debut at the club, which was in August 2021.

Speaking of the 2022-2023 campaign. Arda was given the No.10 shirt at Fenerbahçe, after the departure of Mesut Özil. That shows how much the Turkish club trusts him.

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old midfielder looks like a street footballer. Because he does play comfortably under pressure, and has the ability to work flawlessly on the pitch.

Arda Güler

Arda Güler strengths and weaknesses 

Despite the fact that the Turkish midfielder is inexperienced. He literally checks all the boxes as an all-around midfielder, making him one of the most flawless talents in Europe.

It’s unbelievable that the 18-year-old baller is so versatile. And that becomes one of his biggest strengths, the ability to comfortably play different roles in the midfield.

Speaking of versatility, he can play as a central, attacking midfielder, and a winger. He actually has that in common with former Manchester City’s mastero, David Silva.

Also, Arda Güler is seriously creative. He has the ability to make unbelievable and line-breaking passes on the pitch, both offensively and defensively.

Of course, the Turkish international averaged 3.9 key passes per 90 minutes for Fenerbahçe in the Süper Lig. Frankly, that’s amazing for an 18-year-old player.

Luka Modric sees him as his ideal replacement. His creativity is second to none, considering how he spots small spaces to create chances.

As an all-around midfielder, Güler has passing and vision as his strengths. That’s actually in line with his creative ability, he’s indeed a good passer.

The Turkish youngster isn’t a mediocre passer. At least, he had 85% pass accuracy in the league last season, which means he will definitely improve at Real Madrid.

Speaking of his vision, Arda Güler sees the unseen spaces on the pitch. He makes the impossible possible with his passes, linking-up with his teammates.

Agility is another point to consider as the player will be joining Real Madrid. He has the capacity to receive the ball, turn left or right, and lay passes in the midfield.

Also, Arda has pace and ball control. Which means he doesn’t lose ball possession easily. And he usually charges the team’s offense with his pace.

As an attacking midfielder, the player always makes use of his running ability. He does that to destroy the opponent’s defenders, connecting with his teammates.

Arda is also a flawless dribbler, with dribbling being one of his biggest attributes. Apparently, he averaged 3.9 successful dribbles per 90 minutes in 2022-2023.

The Turkish youngster is very technical, therefore, he gets past the opponent’s players with his dribbling skills. The 18-year-old makes everything easy.

Güler is good at set-pieces, regardless of his position in the midfield. He actually loves to play as a right midfielder, so as to be able to cut inside the opponent’s box.

At the same time, the Turkish international is a brilliant crosser. His crossing ability is second to none on the pitch. Of course, he will dazzle outstandingly in La Liga.

Another points are first touch and ambidexterity. He receives with ease regardless of the pressure, having an excellent first touch ability.

In all fairness, he’s expected to learn many things from Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. His first touch will only get better and better at Real Madrid.

Speaking of ambidexterity, the Turkish midfielder usually uses his hand to protect himself. He doesn’t lose the ball easily, particularly when controlling the midfield.

He uses his hands as guides, protecting himself and the ball, thanks to his agility. Los Blancos are apparently blessed to sign him in this summer’s transfer window.


As regards Arda Güler’s shortcomings, his physical strength isn’t enough. Of course, the likes of David Silva and Mesut Özil are always hard to get off the ball.

Obviously, La Liga is very toxic, with many strong clubs. As a result, the 18-year-old Turkish would have to work on his physical strength to be a complete baller.

Despite the fact that he averaged 3.9 tackles per 90 minutes in the Süper Lig last campaign. His defensive contribution is somehow questionable.

He only adds tackles to the team’s defensive performance. His level of interceptions and clearances is poor, very bad. Nevertheless, there’s room for improvement.

Having had many similarities with Modric and Kroos. He will learn many things from them, at least for the next two years before they finally leave Santiago Bernabéu.

Arda Güler’s style of play 

The 18-year-old Turkish midfielder is an advanced playmaker. That’s why he’s called the “Turkish Messi”, he believes so much in his left foot on the pitch.

The youngster doesn’t wait for the ball. Arda usually demands the ball, turns, and contributes to the build-up play. He’s always everywhere on the pitch, running.

With that being said, he usually has the most touches in a game. The Turkish international receives and gives a series of passes, helping the team’s performance.

As a result of his close ball control ability. Arda normally relies on agility, making himself available to turn and make passes. He actually likes to turn, read the game, and lay passes.

Güler is very quick in possession, and he’s difficult to get off the ball, making use of his ball-carrying ability. The Turkish wonderkid likes to move forward, making many progressive passes.

The 18-year-old midfielder loves to have enough space around him on the pitch. So as to be able to roam, move left or right on the pitch, and make passes.

As a result of pace and acceleration. The Turkish youngster likes to run with the ball, contributing massively to the team’s counterattack threats.

Just like Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United. Arda likes to have the ball on his feet, orchestrating everything from the midfield, creating chances and spaces.

At the same time, he likes to dribble, averaging 3.9 successful take-ons in the league. The player is a complete dribbler with a high level of skills and techniques.

Regardless of his position in the midfield. He loves to drop deep to the midfield to get the ball from his teammates, he usually demands the ball to destroy the opponents.

In addition, the Turkish international likes to take crosses and set-pieces. He’s enamored with causing havoc inside the opponent’s box with his set-piece ability.

Considering his vision, the Turkish youngster likes to make passes between the lines. As a result, he tends to create several chances, and his combination with Vinícius will be dangerous.

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