The Red Devils are no small club in the Premier League, because of their wide fanbase. As a result, there are some popular celebrities who support Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson single-handedly helped the club in the world of football from 1986 until 2013, before the arrival of David Moyes.

Therefore, there are some popular celebrities who began to root for the Red Devils, during the Scottish gaffer tenure at the club.

Of course, the club have suffered greatly in all competitions since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Regardless, there are certain celebrities who support Manchester United, as a result of their love for the Red Devils.

In Manchester, United are considered the most successful club, having surpassed their rival, Manchester City.

The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool also have many big names who root for them. However, the Red Devils’ fanbase is massive.

In 2022-2023, Erik ten Hag joined Manchester United, and he focused on restoring the club’s lost glory in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

The Dutch gaffer won the Carabao Cup for the club, their first trophy in many years. Also, he’s on the verge of winning the FA Cup and the UEFA Europa League.

Therefore, United are among the most successful English clubs in the world of football.

Of course, it’s wise enough to see actors, actresses, singers, billionaires, and other big names supporting them as a football club.

Who are the celebrities who support Manchester United? 

10. Rory McIlroy – Northern Irish golfer

The professional golfer is one of the big names and has been able to show his affection for the Red Devils in some ways.

Rory McIlroy did wear a Manchester United shirt, and he has been spotted at Old Trafford many times.

Unlike other celebrities, the Northern Irish golfer has attended matches at the club’s grounds, cheering up the players.

So, it’s not difficult to believe McIlroy belongs to the Red Devils family, even though he’s a professional golfer.

9. Megan Fox – American actress

The American actress is a huge fan of Manchester United between 2010 and 2015, showing her love for the club.

However, it’s reported that Megan Fox began to support the Red Devils, because of Chicharito, as he really likes the Mexican baller.

The American actress hasn’t been pictured at Old Trafford, perhaps watching a game or supporting the players.

On the contrary, Fox has been seen with the club’s shirt many times, particularly when Chicharito was still at Old Trafford.

It’s now believed that Megan’s affection for Manchester United has reduced, since Chicharito left in 2015.

8. Justin Timberlake – American singer

This is one of the famous celebrities who support Manchester United, rooting for the club because he likes them.

Justin Timberlake has been spotted with the club’s shirt many times on social media, showing his love for the Red Devils.

The American singer did attend games at Old Trafford, he’s no stranger to the club’s ground atmosphere.

Timberlake confirmed that Alan Smith is his favorite player at Manchester United, maybe because they are close friends.

7. Rey Mysterio – American wrestler

The professional wrestler came out as a Manchester United fan in 2018 during the club’s preseason tour in the United States of America.

Rey Mysterio was able to meet the likes of David de Gea, Fred, and other star players. Also, he met the manager, who happened to be José Mourinho.

The American wrestler reportedly received a shirt with No.619, as he publicized his love and affection for the Red Devils.

Of course, Mysterio has many fans in the wrestling world, because of his acrobatic skills and moves.

6. Kim Jong-un – Supreme Leader of North Korea

Of course, he’s not really a celebrity, but a high-profile personality in the world, particularly in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un is reportedly a huge fan of Manchester United, but hasn’t been spotted at Old Trafford.

Some years ago, it was reported that the Supreme Leader of North Korea wanted to buy the club from the Glazers.

However, one thing led to another, and he had to opt out of procuring the club. Nevertheless, he remains a huge supporter.


5. Stormzy – British rapper

This is another well-known celebrity who supports Manchester United and has been a diehard fan for many years.

Stormzy has been spotted at Carrington, training ground countless times, posing with the players, taking pictures.

He’s no stranger to the atmosphere at Old Trafford, the rapper usually comes to the club’s stadium to catch a game.

Stormzy was once pictured posing with the likes of Luke Shaw, Wayne Rooney, Phil Jones, and other star players.

4. MS Dhoni – Indian cricketer

The professional cricketer is a diehard fan of the Red Devils family, one of the celebrities who support Manchester United.

MS Dhoni is reportedly a regular attendee at Old Trafford, he usually shows up to cheer up the players on the pitch.

During several interviews, the Indian cricketer has declared his affection for Manchester United, supporting the club.

MS Dhoni hasn’t said anything about his favorite player at the club, but he’s a diehard supporter.

3. Floyd Mayweather – American boxer

In 2017, the professional boxer came out as a Manchester United fan, during his interview with Rio Ferdinand.

Floyd Mayweather has never been to a football match, but he likes to watch the Red Devils on the pitch.

The American boxer has been pictured many times wearing the club’s shirt, showing the whole world his love for the Red Devils.

Of course, Mayweather is indeed a billionaire, and he’s very popular in the world of boxing.

2. Elon Musk – Twitter CEO

It’s believed that the billionaire is a Manchester United fan, since he jokingly tweeted about purchasing the club from the Glazers.

However, Elon Musk confirmed that he’s been supporting the Red Devils family, since his childhood.

Saying he would definitely buy only Manchester United, if he ever desired to own a football club in the world.

Musk is definitely more than a celebrity, because he commands millions of dollars. It’s literally a blessing that he supports the Red Devils.

Usain Bolt; celebrities who support Manchester United

1. Usain Bolt – Jamaican runner 

Only a newcomer Manchester United fan will not know the professional runner as the club’s number-one diehard fan.

Usain Bolt showed up at Old Trafford in March 2023, in the club’s FA Cup quarterfinal against Fulham.

Interestingly, the Red Devils won 3-1 over the Cottagers, allowing them to progress to the semi-finals of the competition.

Bolt was spotted with Erik ten Hag, Sir Alex Ferguson, and other players. The fastest man on earth never hides his affection for the club.

At the same time, Usain Bolt was at Wembley Stadium in February, during the Carabao Cup final against Newcastle.

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