Dominik Szoboszlai

Liverpool have reportedly reached an agreement with RB Leipzig to sign Dominik Szoboszlai. Obviously, the Reds have just added a new weapon to the midfield.

After the signing of Alexis Mac Allister from Brighton Albion. Jurgen Klopp desires to have enough reinforcements in the midfield, so as to be balanced next season.

Of course, the 22-year-old Hungarian midfielder got linked to many clubs in the Premier League. The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, and the rest are heavily interested in him.

However, nobody expects him to join Liverpool in this summer’s transfer window. Because the Reds have many other midfielders on their radar.

Having lost Mason Mount to Manchester United. Jurgen Klopp decided to sign the Hungarian captain, gathering reinforcements ahead of the next campaign.

It’s confirmed that Liverpool have triggered Szoboszlai’s release clause of €70 million. And he will sign at least a 5-year contract with the Reds.

Dominik makes everything easy for Jurgen Klopp’s side, as he decided to join the club. Of course, Newcastle were initially interested in him, but the player chose to join the Reds.

With all that being said, the 22-year-old midfielder will undergo his medical very soon. And he will join Liverpool for the pre-season in July.

Dominik Szoboszlai has always dreamed of playing in the Premier League. Therefore, he didn’t think twice before accepting Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Apparently, Liverpool would pull out of Gabri Veiga’s race. Because the 21-year-old Spaniard has many things in common with the Hungarian captain.

Liverpool midfield options for 2023-2024 

  1. Alexis Mac Allister
  2. Dominik Szoboszlai
  3. Fabinho
  4. Curtis Jones
  5. Thiago Alcantara
  6. Jordan Henderson
  7. Stefan Bajcetic
  8. Harvey Elliott

Frankly, the 22-year-old Hungarian international gives Liverpool massive depth in the squad. Klopp is actually building something.

The German manager will definitely continue with the 4-3-3 formation next season. Because he would want to start Mac Allister and Szoboszlai together.

With Chelsea signed Christopher Nkunku, Arsenal got Kai Havertz and Manchester City welcomed Mateo Kovacic. Liverpool don’t want to settle for less.

Dominik Szoboszlai stats in the Bundesliga (2022-2023) 

31 games
6 goals
8 assists
4.72 expected goals
14.82 expected assists
51 passes per 90
83% pass accuracy
2.6 key passes per 90
14 big chances created
1.9 successful take-ons per 90
1.7 tackles per 90

Without being sentimental, the 22-year-old Hungarian is a good and experienced player. As a result, he would want to establish himself in the Premier League.

In line with what Erling Haaland has done so far at Manchester City. Dominik has the ability to make headlines at Liverpool, boosting the team’s performance.

Dominik Szoboszlai’s Bundesliga career stats 

62 games (3,989 mins)
312 penalty area entries
249 final third entries
100 shots
71 take-ons completed
62 tackles made
62 fouls won
16 assists
12 goals

What are Dominik Szoboszlai strengths and weaknesses? 

Despite being just 22-year-old, the Hungarian captain comes with a lot of qualities. His attributes actually outweigh his shortcomings.

Versatility is one of the biggest characteristics of Szoboszlai. He can comfortably play several positions, particularly in the midfield and attack.

Even though he’s naturally a midfielder. He can also play on the left and right flanks. As a result, his presence gives Jurgen Klopp enough space to switch formations.

Because of his attacking prowess. The 22-year-old midfielder is able to play as a CAM and a second striker. Of course, he created 71 chances for Leipzig in 2022/23.

Dominik is also a flawless passer with a high level of vision. He doesn’t make mediocre passes, having had 83% pass accuracy in the Bundesliga last campaign.

Just like Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United. Szoboszlai is a great passer, so it makes everything easy for him considering how he does create chances for fun.

Even though the Premier League may come with a lot of toxicity. The Hungarian captain is likely to shine and outplay many midfielders in 2023-2024.

Since the 22-year-old baller can play as an attacking or central midfielder. He’s very creative, making everything possible for his teammates on the pitch.

Of course, his combination with Christopher Nkunku massively helped RB Leipzig last season. However, he’s such a creator, dictating the team’s offensive display.

With Mohamed Salah in the squad. Dominik is most likely to register more than 10 assists for Liverpool next campaign. Because he’s indeed a creator.

Dribbling is another point to consider as Szoboszlai’s strength. He’s a good dribbler, averaging 1.9 dribbles per 90 minutes for RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga.

The player’s dribbling skills are flawless, putting his first tough ability on display. Also, he often uses his body to fake the defenders, rendering them useless.

As a result of his extraordinary dribbling skills. Dominik is an excellent ball carrier, which makes him similar to Mateo Kovacic of Manchester City.

The Hungarian captain has the ability to carry the ball from midfield to the opponent’s box. His ball-carrying ability is on a different level, regardless of the competition.

Considering why Liverpool were hell-bent on getting Mason Mount from Chelsea, before he joined Manchester United. The player actually has something in common with the Englishman.

Dominik Szoboszlai is a good ball-striker, he does play shots and take free-kicks accurately. Which makes him a dangerous weapon for Jurgen Klopp.

As regards his position in the midfield, he is always close to the attack. His ball-striking ability stands him out at RB Leipzig, he commands goals from the midfield.

Apart from the way he usually strikes the ball. He’s also good at set-pieces, which makes him create chances without sweating. Frankly, the Reds have a real gem in their squad.

Regardless of the pressure in the midfield. Dominik doesn’t lose ball possession easily, because of his ball controlling ability. He has many things to offer the Reds.

Even though he’s just 22-year-old. The Hungarian captain is a complete midfielder and attacker. Klopp will definitely use him wisely, building the midfield around him.

Dominik Szoboszlai


Despite the fact that the 22-year-old Hungarian ticks all the boxes as an attacking midfielder. He has his own weaknesses, having seen him play.

Dominik Szoboszlai is obviously a great ball-striker. However, his finishing prowess is very poor, which makes him miss too many targets and big chances.

If he can genuinely work on his finishing ability. The player may bag at least 15 goals for Liverpool in all competitions under Jurgen Klopp.

Also, the Hungarian captain isn’t really disciplined; he picks up cards unnecessarily. Szoboszlai was booked with three yellow and two red cards in the Bundesliga last season.

Dominik is actually known for his bad behavior and reckless tackles on the pitch. As a result, he’s most likely to pick up many cards in the Premier League, if he doesn’t get disciplined.

Frankly, the 22-year-old Hungarian midfielder is defensive minded. He does help the team’s defensive performance. However, the player does have a lot of defensive flaws.

Statistically, he averaged 1.7 successful tackles per 90 minutes in the Bundesliga in 2022-2023. Nevertheless, the Hungarian youngster isn’t good defensively.

His tackles in the defensive third are seriously bad. At the same time, he’s poor in 1v1 defensive duels, getting dribbled past many times on the pitch.

What is Dominik Szoboszlai’s style of play?

Of course, the Hungarian captain is an all-around midfielder. He can actually play every position available in the midfield as a result of his versatility.

As regards his ball-carrying ability and footwork. He likes to carry the ball with pace, dictating the team’s tempo on counterattacks.

Dominik is nothing close to Lionel Messi or Mykhailo Mudryk as a playmaker. However, he’s really an advanced playmaker, who orchestrates everything from the midfield.

Szoboszlai loves to linkup play with his teammates. He has his own ways of linking the midfield and attack together, doing so with ease and without any pressure.

Whenever he plays as an attacking midfielder. The 22-year-old Hungarian likes to make line-breaking passes, destroying the opponent’s defensive setups.

Just like Mateo Kovacic of Manchester City. The Hungarian international likes to get deeper with the ball, he actually does that, trying to create chances for his teammates.

He usually gets many touches inside the opponent’s box. As a result, the player relies on his dribbling prowess, always loves to make things difficult for the opposition.

As a ball-striker, Szoboszlai likes to shoot from a distance. Whenever his team faces a well-defensive team, he usually puts his ball-striking ability on display.

Of course, he’s most likely to take many outside shots at Liverpool. Because there are many defensive minded teams in the Premier League.

Szoboszlai likes to run between spaces, thanks to his pace and acceleration. At the same time, his vision and playmaking skills allow him to be unstoppable.

The 22-year-old Hungarian also likes to take set-pieces. He loves to deliver accurate long passes and crosses. Frankly, his combination with Trent Alexander-Arnold will help the Reds.

Dominik likes to make killer passes, setting up goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. That’s why Mohamed Salah may net more than 20 goals in the league next season.

As a result of his dribbling prowess. He likes to maneuver in small spaces. Szoboszlai doesn’t always need big spaces to perform his magic around the opposition’s territory.

The Hungarian wizard likes to use his body to deceive the opponent’s players. Of course, he does that easily because of his techniques and ball-control ability.

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