Antony's case

Obviously, Antony’s case is one of the things affecting Manchester United at the moment. The Red Devils lost 3-1 to Brighton Albion in their previous Premier League game.

Of course, the Brazilian attacker has been accused of violent behavior. As a result, he is currently on paid leave and returning to Brazil to solve the issue.

However, Manchester United have received good news on Antony’s case. Which means the Brazilian is most likely to return to Old Trafford in the next few weeks.

Erik ten Hag is currently at loggerheads with Jadon Sancho. Meanwhile, Antony is also not available in the squad, meaning the Red Devils are empty on the right flank.

Manchester United will face Bayern Munich on Wednesday in their UEFA Champions League fixture. Unfortunately, they will miss both Antony and Sancho.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian attacker has denied any of the charges. And he’s yet to be arrested by the Brazilian police for this particular accusation.

Regardless, one of the three women who accused Antony of violent behavior has dropped her charges. Which means the Red Devils attacker has two charges left.


Reportedly, the Brazilian wizard is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallino, on four different occasions. However, the player denied all the wrongdoings.

Of course, it looks like Manchester United are being biased, followed by Mason Greenwood’s case. Apparently, the club have a way of protecting their players.

Antony’s case remains on the desk of the Brazilian police. However, one of the accusers has already dropped her own case, which means the case may be solved very soon.

Antony is currently suspended by Manchester United. Nevertheless, the club will continue to pay his salary, despite the fact that he’s not currently at the club.

Even though the Brazilian attacker’s return to Old Trafford is not known. The player will most likely return to the Premier League side as soon as the accusations against him are dropped.

Simply put, the good news, one of the three women who accused Antony of violent behavior has dropped her case. As a result, Antony’s case is close to being solved.



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