Nico & Iñaki Williams

Apparently, there are some blood brothers who play football. The Hazard family is one of the most famous in the world of football. However, we have some football brothers who play for different countries.

That means they do once in a while face each other on the pitch. Of course, it’s good for football brothers to play for different clubs, but not national teams.

Since they are blood brothers, they are expected to represent the same country. For instance, the Ayew brothers of the Black Stars and the Hazard brothers of Belgium.

However, it’s so unbelievable to see some football brothers who play for different countries. Which means they represent different national teams.

In the world of football, particularly across Europe’s top-5 leagues. It’s kind of rare to see siblings playing football, but it does happen in the above examples.

Technically, football brothers who play for different countries seem to have different motives. Some choose their national teams because they want to be starters.

While others choose because they want to win trophies, or as a result of representing one of the top countries in the world of football.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup revealed some blood brothers, who represent the same country. However, they play for different clubs in Europe.

Interestingly, it does happen in other sports too. Amazingly, they are siblings who play basketball, tennis, golf, rugby, and the rest.

Who are the football brothers who play for different countries?

1. Jerome Boateng (Germany) & 
Kevin-Prince Boateng (Ghana)

Unbelievably, the Boatengs are half-brothers. They were born to a Ghanaian father and two different German mothers.

As a result, one chose to represent Germany at the international level. While the second chose to represent the Black Stars.

Jerome Boateng made 76 appearances for Germany national team, that was from 2006 to 2018. He’s one of Germany’s legends.

Fortunately, he won the FIFA World Cup with Germany in 2014. And he lifted the 2012 UEFA Euro with the national team.

In all fairness, Jerome is successful as a footballer, both at club and international level. However, his half-brother didn’t come close to his success.

Amazingly, Kevin-Prince Boateng also represented Germany in U-19, U-20, and U-21. However, he left the youth team after 2009.

As a result, he joined the Ghana national team in 2010. And Kevin-Prince made 15 appearances for the Black Stars of Africa.

Unlike his half-brother, he didn’t win any trophies with Ghana. Nevertheless, he unblinkingly represented them, scoring 2 goals in 15 games.

2. Thiago Alcantara (Spain) & 
Rafinha Alcantara (Brazil)

The two brothers are the sons of former Brazilian midfielder, Mazinho. Of course, they both love playing football.

Surprisingly, the Alcantara brothers are playing in the same position, which is midfield. However, they play for different countries.

Rafinha Alcantara and Thiago Alcantara both represented Spain at U16, U17, and U19. Meanwhile, they chose to represent different senior national teams.

Speaking of the football brothers who play for different countries. Rafinha later chose to represent Brazil, his father’s country.

Thiago stayed with the Spain national team, he made it to the senior team in 2011, having made 46 appearances for the country so far.

As a midfielder, Rafinha played just 2 games for the Brazil national team. He wasn’t as successful as his brother.

Of course, Thiago is one of the most successful Spanish midfielders. Achievement-wise, he’s up there with Xavi, Busquets, and the rest.

The Alcantara siblings chose to represent the same country during their youth careers. However, they chose different paths in their senior careers.

Nico & Iñaki Williams

3. Iñaki Williams (Ghana) & 
Nico Williams (Spain)

Obviously, the Williams brothers are one of the famous football brothers who play for different countries.

They are representing different national teams at international level. Meanwhile, they are playing for the same club in La Liga, Athletic Bilbao.

The Williams are actually amazing footballers. They do things together, playing as attackers. However, they chose different paths at the international level.

Having been just 20-year-old, Nico Williams is playing for Spain national team. And he has already made 8 appearances for the Spanish team.

Surprisingly, he made it into Spain’s squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Even though he didn’t play any games during the tournament.

At the same time, Iñaki Williams also played in the 2022 FIFA WC, representing Ghana. Obviously, they chose different paths at the international level.

Nico is 20-year-old while Iñaki is 28-year-old. Nevertheless, they are both making headlines in the world of football.

However, the junior brother has the ability to reach new heights in the future. Nico is literally one of the future stars of the Spanish national team.

4. Paul Pogba (France), 
Florentin Pogba & 
Mathias Pogba (Guinea)

Of course, Paul is one of the most famous of the Pogba brothers. As a matter of fact, he’s the most successful as a football in their family.

Despite the fact that the three brothers are playing football. However, they are playing different positions, which is very interesting.

Paul is playing as a midfielder, Florentin as a centre-back and Mathias as a striker. And, they chose to represent different countries.

It’s said that they were all born in Guinea, before their family moved to France. Therefore, they can play for both countries at the international level.

Unbelievably, Florentin Pogba and Mathias Pogba chose to play for Guinea. And they made some appearances for the African country.

On the contrary, Paul Pogba plays for France. And he’s one of the most reliable midfielders in Les Blues history.

Achievement-wise, the former Manchester United midfielder won the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Nations League with France.

Even though he’s the junior one of the Pogbas brothers. He is the most successful as a footballer, wining several both at international and club level.

Taulant & Granit Xhaka; football brothers who play for different countries

5. Granit Xhaka (Switzerland) & 
Taulant Xhaka (Albania)

This is another football brothers who play for different countries. However, they play in the same position on the pitch, which is midfield.

Out of the Xhaka brothers, the Gunners midfielder is the most successful. Because he’s one of the best midfielders in the Premier League.

Taulant spent his entire career at club level in Switzerland, playing for Basel. Of course, the Xhaka brothers were born in Switzerland.

Granit Xhaka chose to represent Switzerland at the international level. And he has already played more than 100 matches for the Swiss national team.

Unfortunately, he didn’t win any titles with the Swiss senior team. But he won the U-17 FIFA World Cup with Switzerland in 2009.

Instead of playing for the Swiss. Taulant Xhaka chose to play for Albania. He spent many years with the Albanian national team, playing 31 games.

The Xhaka brothers actually have many things in common with each other. They can both play any available position in the midfield, displaying their versatility.

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