Inter Miami Messi

Inter Miami Messi continues their unbeaten streak in all competitions. The Herons won 3-1 over Los Angeles FC on Monday in the MLS, as they have kept flying high since the Argentine’s arrival.

Amazingly, the Major League Soccer side haven’t lost a game since Lionel arrived. They won the Leagues Cup, qualifying for the US Open Cup final with him in the squad.

Despite the fact that Lionel joined Inter Miami a few months ago. He has been breaking and creating records at the club, showing off his playmaking skills in all competitions.

The Argentine magnifico didn’t score against Los Angeles FC. However, he single-handedly dictated the team’s tempo, frustrating the opponent’s players.

Miami Messi registered 2 assists, even though he didn’t score. As a result, the seventh Ballon D’or winner continues to make waves in Major League Soccer.

Despite the fact that the Herons are far from above in the league table. Lionel keeps improving the team’s performance, which means Inter Miami will be unstoppable next season.

Having registered 2 assists against Los Angeles FC. The Argentine mastero has now been able to record 5 assists for the Herons in all competitions since his arrival at the club.

Lionel Messi’s stats at Inter Miami so far

11 appearances
11 unbeaten games
11 goals
5 assists
491 passes
25 dribbles completed
19 chances created
20 balls recovered

Apparently, Miami Messi is the best thing that ever happened to the Herons. Because the team has been dazzling impressively since his arrival in the United States of America.

The seventh Ballon D’or winner is a record-breaker. Therefore, there are some Major League Soccer records he may break at Inter Miami.

Of course, he has already made 3 appearances in the league for the Herons. Nevertheless, Lionel is most likely to smash the records below at the club.

The former Manchester United magnifico, Cristiano Ronaldo, is making waves in Saudi Arabia. So Inter Miami Messi can make MLS his own league.

What are the 4 records Inter Miami Messi could break at Inter Miami?

1. Fastest 10 goals in Major League Soccer history 

In all fairness, this may be hard for the Argentine magnifico. Of course, he has already scored 11 goals in his 11 appearances for Inter Miami since his arrival.

However, Mamadou Diallo and Carlos Ruiz held the record in league history. They were able to score 10 goals in 10 matches in Major League Soccer.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has already played 3 games in the league, scoring one goal. He scored against the New York Red Bulls, which means the record may be difficult for him.

Regardless, the Argentine now needs 6 games to score 10 goals to break the record. Or, he scores 9 goals in six games, equaling Diallo and Carlos Ruiz in league history.

Unlike other competitions, Miami Messi hasn’t been scoring in his MLS matches. However, his all-around statistics in Europe’s top-5 leagues confirmed that he can smash the record in the league.

2. Fastest 10 assists in Major League Soccer history 

Actually, this is another promising record for Inter Miami Messi. His playmaking prowess is enough for him to smash this particular record this campaign.

Kaku currently holds the record in Major League Soccer. He registered 10 assists in 12 appearances for New York City in 2018. Of course, that was amazing.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has now made 3 appearances in MLS for Inter Miami, registering 3 assists. Definitely, the record is very breakable for him this season.

The Argentine magnifico is an extraordinary playmaker. He doesn’t run after goals but has almost registered one or two assists in every match since the beginning of his career.

Messi recorded 16 assists in 32 appearances in Ligue 1 at Paris Saint-Germain. Of course, he’s very happy at Inter Miami, which makes the record breakable for him.

Inter Miami Messi

3. Most career hat-tricks in Major League Soccer

Apparently, Lionel Messi hasn’t been able to score a hat-trick for Inter Miami. However, the player has scored brace twice for the Herons since his arrival at the club.

Meanwhile, the record for most career MLS hat-tricks belongs to one of Messi’s teammates, Josef Martínez. He has the most hat-tricks in the league, which is six hat-tricks.

Of course, Martínez has been balling along with the Argentine magnifico. However, Lionel Messi could come for his record during his time in the United States of America with the Herons.

Messi wasn’t able to score a hat-trick during his time at Paris Saint-Germain. However, he has registered 57 hat-tricks in his professional football career. Which means he can actually break the record.

Frankly, six MLS hat-tricks may be a lot for Messi. His last hat-trick was at Barcelona; regardless, he has the ability to smash Josef Martínez’s 6 hat-tricks record in Major League Soccer.

4. Most Major League Soccer goals in a single season

The Argentine mastero has a few matches left to play in Major League Soccer this season. Therefore, he may break this particular record next campaign.

Carlos Vela holds the record for most MLS goals in a single campaign. He scored 35 goals in 2019 for Los Angeles FC, showing off his goal-scoring prowess.

Unbelievably, Inter Miami Messi once scored 73 goals in a single season at Barcelona. He registered 105 goal contributions for the Bluagranas in 2012.

Having done that, the Argentine magnifico is able to score more than 35 MLS goals in a campaign. Obviously, he has the capability to make it happen.

Major League Soccer comes easy for him, having seen his performances in the league. Definitely, Lionel can smash the record with the Herons next season.

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