Jim Ratcliffe has made a late sensational bid of more than £4 billion to buy Chelsea, according to the Telegraph. Reportedly, the Britain’s richest man sent the bid this morning. Because, he seriously wants to invest in the West London club. 


Jim Ratcliffe is most likely to become Chelsea’s next owner. As, the billionaire has enough reinforcements and resources to take Chelsea to the next level. Of course, the Raine Group is close to making their final decision. However, the INEOS owner showed up late with his bid this morning.

According to several reports, he is pledging £1.75 billion over 10 years to invest in Stamford Bridge. And, he’s planning to take the squad to the next level, without using Chelsea for profit of any kind.

What You Should Know About Jim Ratcliffe:

Jim Ratcliffe is the richest man in the United Kingdom, with a net worth of £16 billion in 2022. Aside from that, he’s the owner of INEOS Group (a British multinational chemical company). And, the company is worth £60 billion.

Jim Ratcliffe owns a club (OGC Nice) in Ligue 1. But, he’s ready to invest £1.75 billion in Chelsea over 10 years. Also, the Britain’s richest man has the largest overall bid of £4 billion.

Why You Should Support Him To Buy Chelsea:

Jim Ratcliffe is worth £16 billion, which means he will definitely want to take Chelsea to the next level. At the same time, he has enough resources to compete with major rivals in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Jim Ratcliffe

The Britain’s richest man isn’t planning to use Chelsea for profit. So, he has many things in common with Roman Abramovich. Without using the club for profit, he will definitely invest massively in the West London club.

Jim Ratcliffe seems to be an ideal candidate to become Chelsea’s next owner. Because, he is worth more than the likes of Todd Boehly, Sir Michael Broughton, and the rest. Because, he’s planning to invest £1.75 in the stadium and squad.

Roman Abramovich never used Chelsea for profit, which is why the West London club achieved many things under him. Of course, he deserves to become the Blues’ new owner, as he’s ready follow the Russian billionaire’s steps.

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