Jude Bellingham & Jobe Bellingham: 15 popular footballers who are brothers

Jude Bellingham & Jobe Bellingham: 15 popular footballers who are brothers

Obviously, many football fans have limited knowledge about the sport around the world. They literally know only about Europe’s top-7 leagues, denying themselves the knowledge that there are many footballers who are brothers.

European competitions like the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, and the UEFA Europa Conference League bring many clubs together.

Football is wide, almost all the countries in the world play football. However, the fans are fortunate to know many clubs through European competitions.

Therefore, the fans only know about players in Europe’s top-5 leagues. Meanwhile, there are many brilliant and talented players outside of Europe.

Some footballers who are brothers are playing in Europe’s top seven leagues. However, there are still players with the same blood outside of European competitions.

Interestingly, not all of these brothers play for the same national team, representing their country in every international break.

For instance, André Ayew and Jordan Ayew both play for the Ghana national team, and they are still playing for the Black Stars.

Meanwhile, André Ayew joined Nottingham Forest in the Premier League during the January transfer window.

He was playing for Al Sadd SC before, so his name wasn’t really trending in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

However, his brother, Jordan Ayew, plays for Crystal Palace. And he’s been one of the most dangerous wingers in the league.

In the world of sports, football is actually amazing and interesting. Because, it comprises many things, it is arguably above basketball, golf, boxing, and others.

Inside and outside Europe’s top seven leagues, let’s take a look at brothers who play football.

Here are the 15 famous footballers who are brothers

1. Eden Hazard & Thorgan Hazard

Apparently, the two brothers are playing in Europe, and they are very talented and brilliant, having been attackers.

Eden is still playing for Real Madrid in La Liga, even though he has been struggling since he arrived at Santiago Bernabéu.

The Belgian magnifico decided not to leave the Los Blancos, he wants to stay at the club, fighting for his place in the starting XI.

However, Thorgan is now playing for PSV Eindhoven in the Eredivisie, on loan from Borussia Dortmund.

Eden recently announced his retirement from international football after the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

However, they both represent Belgium’s national team, while Thorgan is still representing the Belgians.

2. Granit Xhaka & Taulant Xhaka

These are two footballers who are brothers that many football fans don’t know about, even though they are both playing in Europe.

Both Granit and Taulant are playing as defensive midfielders, but the Gunners’ baller is more famous, because he’s playing in the English league.

Taulant Xhaka plays for Swiss Super League club, Basel, and he represents the Albania national team, having been born in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Granit Xhaka obviously plays for Arsenal in the Premier League, representing Switzerland national team.

The two brothers represent different national teams. Interestingly, they are both playing as defensive midfielders.

Granit & Taulant; footballers who are brothers

3. Toni Kroos & Felix Kroos

Obviously, the Real Madrid’s star player is one of the most complete midfielders in Europe’s top-5 leagues, making waves here and there.

However, he has a younger brother, Felix Kroos, who also played as a midfielder. They are another brotherhood in the world of football.

Felix played mostly in Germany, making many appearances with Union Berlin, Werder Bremen, and others.

It’s wise enough to say that Felix would have learned one or two things from his elder brother, Toni Kroos.

Nevertheless, they both represented the German national team, but Felix didn’t make it to the senior team, he played mostly with the youth squad.

4. Sergej Milinković-Savić & Vanja Milinković-Savić

It’s amazing to see these two brothers playing in the same league, which is Serie A in Italy. They are both completing the league.

Sergej is actually older than Vanja, meaning he’s the elder brother. Nevertheless, they are one of those footballers who are brothers.

Sergej Milinković-Savić plays for Lazio as a midfielder, while his younger brother, Vanja Milinković-Savić plays for Torino as a goalkeeper.

Unlike other brothers that share nationality, both Sergej and Vanja play for the Serbia national team.

5. Nacho Fernández & Álex Fernández

Another two brothers playing in the same league, which is La Liga. Obviously, almost all football fans know Nacho, because he plays for Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, Alex plays for Cadiz FC as a central midfielder. And he has been at the club since 2017, with 197 appearances.

Interestingly, both brothers started their youth careers at Real Madrid. However, only Nacho stays with Los Blancos, playing as a defender.

Speaking of the international level, Alex played for the Spain national team, mostly with the youth team. Nacho made it to the senior team and participated in their 2024 Euro qualifiers.

6. Romelu Lukaku & Jordan Lukaku

Another two bloods in the world of football, even though they play in different leagues, showcasing their potential.

Jordan is the younger one, but he’s currently without a club since February 2023. However, he plays as a left-back, having been at Lazio and other clubs.

Apparently, Romelu is a popular player, currently at Inter Milan on loan from Chelsea. The Belgian striker represents the Belgium national team.

Jordan and Romelu actually look alike, having seen them together. The younger brother also made few appearances for the Belgium senior team.

7. Lucas Hernandez & Theo Hernandez

Surprisingly, these are two brothers playing in Europe’s top-5 leagues, in the same position but different leagues.

Of course, they are both famous and play with a high level of winning spirit, which helps their team’s performances.

Lucas Hernández plays for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga as a left-back, while Theo Hernández plays for AC Milan in Serie A in that same position.

They both play for the France senior national team, usually bench each other. However, Lucas is currently injured since 2022.

8. Jordan Ayew & André Ayew

These two footballers are literally famous in the world of football, because they both play for the Ghana national team, knowing that they are blood related.

Meanwhile, they also play as attackers, but André is way more versatile. He can comfortably play as a midfielder, left winger, and left-back.

It’s obvious that Jordan plays for Crystal Palace in the Premier League, and has been one of the most consistent players for the Eagles.

André also arrived in England in January 2023, where he is currently playing for Nottingham Forest after leaving Al Sadd SC in Qatar.

9. Kylian Mbappé & Ethan Mbappé

Obviously, the two brothers play for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1, having many things in common, particularly their ball control.

Ethan is apparently the younger one, because he’s still playing as a midfielder for the Parisians youth team.

Kylian is no stranger to any football fan in Europe’s top-5 leagues, he single-handedly rules the Ligue 1, making headlines.

Meanwhile, it’s believed that Ethan Mbappé is still at Paris Saint-Germain because of his brother. But they are both footballers.

Jude and Jobe

10. Jude Bellingham & Jobe Bellingham

People only know Jude, because he has been making waves at Borussia Dortmund and for the England national team.

However, he has a brother, Jobe Bellingham, who currently plays for Birmingham City in the English Championship.

Jude plays mostly as a midfielder, while Jobe plays as a midfielder and a striker. Interestingly, they really do look alike.

Jobe, being the younger one, represents the young three Lions. Of course, he’s expected to learn many things from his brother.

11. Matty Longstaff & Sean Longstaff

This is actually amazing, two footballers who are brothers, playing for the same club and in the same position.

Of course, they are popular, like the Ayew’s brothers, because they have been together for many years, playing in the Premier League.

Matty is playing as a midfielder for Newcastle, and his brother, Sean, holds the position for the Magpies.

They both started their football careers at Newcastle, now in the Magpies’ senior squad, benching each other in the midfield.

12. Tammy Abraham & Timmy Abraham

Another two bloods playing the same position, and they seriously look alike, their styles of play are very similar.

Tammy is no stranger to Europe’s top five leagues, having been at Chelsea, currently playing for AS Roma in Serie A as a striker.

However, his brother, Timmy, also plays as a striker for Oldham Athletic on loan from Walsall.

Frankly, Tammy Abraham is one of the standard strikers in Europe. Therefore, Timmy may learn some things from his brother.

Tammy and Timmy

13. Thiago Alcantara & Rafinha Alcantara

Another pair of brothers with similar profiles on the pitch, they both play as midfielders and have many things in common.

Rafinha and Thiago started their careers at Barcelona, but they chose different paths in their professional careers.

Apparently, Thiago currently plays for Liverpool in the Premier League, while his brother, Rafinha, plays for Al-Arabi SC in Qatar.

Also, they chose to represent different countries at the international level. Rafinha has represented both Spain and Brazil.

14. Lars Bender & Sven Bender

Actually, these two aren’t playing football anymore, they have literally retired from professional football.

The two Germans also have many things in common, including their versatility and the fact that they look alike.

Sven played for many clubs during his career; he made some appearances for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

However, Lars also played in Germany, where he played over 200 games for Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

15. Paul Pogba & Mathias Pogba

This is another two bloods in the world of football, but one is more famous and the other, making waves in all competitions.

Mathias plays as a central forward, not sure if he’s still playing football. However, he never plays for any club in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Apparently, everyone knows Paul, who is currently playing for Juventus in Serie A after leaving Manchester United in the English league.

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