Inter Miami Lionel Messi are the Leagues Cup 2023 Champions. They won 10-9 over Nashville as a result of penalties in the competition’s final.

It had been a tough journey for the Herons until the Argentine captain arrived. And they have been impressive in the competition.

The Leagues Cup is actually a competition between 47 teams. Surprisingly, Inter Miami became the champions on Sunday, winning over Nashville.

Lionel Messi has been dazzling impressively for the Herons. Of course, his effect helped them win the title, despite being poor in all competitions this season.

The Argentine magnifico scored 10 goals in his 7 appearances at Inter Miami. In all fairness, the Herons couldn’t have won the Leagues Cup 2023 without him.

Having won the trophy, the Argentina international has now won 44 titles in his career at top level;

Lionel Messi on 44 trophies:


1 World Cup
1 Copa America
1 Finalissima
1 U20 World Cup
1 Olympic Gold


10 La Liga
7 Copa del Rey
8 Supercopa
4 UEFA Champions League
3 Club World Cups
3 UEFA Super Cups


2 Ligue 1
1 Trophé des Champions

Inter Miami

1 Leagues Cup

Frankly, the Herons are at the bottom of the league this campaign. However, the seventh Ballon D’or single-handedly led them to win the title on Sunday.

Inter Miami played 22 games in Major League Soccer this season, scoring 22 goals. Meanwhile, they scored 22 goals in 7 Leagues Cup matches.

Inter Miami in Leagues Cup 2023

Leagues Cup 2023: What kind of records did Lionel Messi create? 

1. First player with 50 goal contributions in the finals. Of course, the Argentine magnifico has been to many finals at club and country levels. Which makes him irreplaceable in the world of football.
Due to his goal against Nashville.

Messi has now made 48 appearances in finals. Meanwhile, he registered 50 goals (35 goals, 15 assists).

2. The former Barcelona captain is now the player with the most trophies won in football history. Even though he’s out of Europe, he keeps winning.

The Leagues Cup 2023 is now Lionel’s 44th trophy. As a result, he’s now above Dani Alves, achieving a new feat in football history.

3. Lionel Messi Inter Miami is now the player with the most goals in finals in football history. At least, he’s above Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Argentine captain has now scored 35 goals in finals. The player is above Pele (31), Ronaldo (22) and Neymar (21).

4. Messi is now the first player to score in the group stage, round of 32, round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final of a single Leagues Cup. Of course, he recently joined the Herons.

Leagues Cup 2023: What awards did Lionel Messi win?

1. Player of the Tournament 

Having single-handedly led Inter Miami to win the title. The seventh Ballon D’or was named the player of the tournament.

At least, he dazzled flawlessly, scoring consecutively in the competition. Actually, no player deserves the award more than him.

2. Top Scorer of the Tournament 

Lionel Messi finished the competition with 10 goals. As a result, he won the highest goal-scorer award, starting his career brilliantly at Inter Miami.

The Herons had been playing in the Leagues Cup, before he arrived. Nevertheless, the player scored the most goals in the tournament this campaign.

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