Lionel Messi to Barcelona is most likely to happen in the summer transfer window, as the Blaugranas are hell-bent on bringing him back to Spotify Camp Nou.

Of course, things aren’t going well for the Argentine captain at Paris Saint-Germain, as regards his contract extension.

As a result, he’s expected to leave the Parisians at the end of 2022-2023, as Barcelona are pushing to get his signature.

Xavi Hernández has a good relationship with Lionel Messi, so he wants the 2022 FIFA World Cup champion back at the club next campaign.

Reportedly, the Culers gaffer has been calling the seventh Ballon D’or winner on phone, doing everything he can to make his last dance happen.

Paris Saint-Germain have already tabled their offer for deal extension since the beginning of the year.

However, it’s said that Messi doesn’t want to accept the extension due to sporting guarantees. Nevertheless, he’s most likely to leave in the summer.

Spotify Camp Nou will always be the Argentine captain’s home, so Lionel Messi to Barcelona is very possible.

The Culers were chanting “Messi, Messi, Messi” during their El Clásico on Wednesday, showing how much they want him back. 

According to several reports, the player and his family want to leave Paris Saint-Germain, and they prioritize returning to Spain.

Aside from the Blaugranas, some clubs are also preoccupied with signing Messi, but he desires staying in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Would Lionel Messi join Al Hilal?

Reportedly, the Saudi Arabian side are seriously considering signing Messi, under the canopy of competing with Al Nassr.

According to Fabrizio Romano, he confirmed that Al Hilal sent an official bid to Lionel Messi’s camp, salary is worth more than €400 million a year.

However, the Argentina international turned it down, as he prioritized continuing his football career in Europe.

€400 million a year is more than what Al Nassr offered Cristiano Ronaldo. Therefore, Al Hilal really does want to compete in their league.

The Saudi Arabian team knows Lionel Messi will change many things at the club, after seeing what Ronaldo is doing with their rival.

Al Nassr and Al Hilal are literally the two best teams in the Saudi professional league, so they obviously want to compete with each other.

After Messi and Ronaldo rivaled each other in Europe, Al Hilal wants the competition in their league.

Nevertheless, the Argentine captain desires to continue in Europe, meaning his return to Barcelona is very possible.

Despite the fact that Xavi Hernández’s side are expected to sort things out with FFP, before getting the player’s signature.

The La Liga side are very optimistic about bringing Messi back to Spotify Camp Nou in the 2023-2024 campaign.

At least, Lionel wants to continue making headlines in Europe, perhaps until after Copa America 2024.

Lionel Messi to Barcelona: What are the steps to execute to make his return possible?

1. Meeting between Lionel Messi and Joan Laporta

Apparently, things aren’t currently going well between the two, because they ended their relationship on bad terms before Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain.

The summer move cannot be finalized until the Culers president, Joan Laporta, holds a meeting with Lionel.

Sergio Agüero, being a very close friend to Lionel Messi, claimed that things will go smoothly if Laporta meets with the player.

Until the president holds a meeting with the Argentine captain, his return to Camp Nou may not be possible.

2. Suitable and well structured offer

Barcelona would have to structure something Paris Saint-Germain couldn’t, before they could bring him back to La Liga.

Messi hasn’t reportedly accepted the Parisians’ offer because of sporting guarantees. So, Barca will have to make that happen.

It’s believed that the Bluagranas know what the player desires, so they are expected to structure their offer around what he wants.

Xavi Hernández has already started pulling some strings, phoning his former teammate, Messi, to help make the deal happen.


3. Situations around the FFP

Joan Laporta and the club are expected to do everything to get past the Financial Fair Play rules before signing Lionel.

At the same time, they have to make Messi and his father, Jorge, understand the FFP, because it plays a major role in his return to Camp Nou.

Of course, the Blaugranas would have to offload some players in the summer, because they want to sign more than just Messi.

Barcelona have been trying to balance their transfers for some years now, they don’t want to fall apart with FFP.

Lionel Messi to Barcelona

Lionel Messi to Barcelona: Four records he could break if he returns

1. Most UEFA Champions League appearances for Barcelona

Obviously, the Argentine captain has unfinished business at Spotify Camp Nou, if he really returns.

Messi could become Barcelona’s player with the most UEFA Champions League games next campaign.

He would takeover Xavi Hernández, who has made 151 UCL appearances for Barca, while Messi has 149.

The Culers will be in the UEFA Champions League next season, so Lionel has three UCL matches at Barcelona to overtake the record.

2. Most trophies with one club

Ryan Giggs held the record for the player who won most trophies with one club, he lifted 35 titles with Manchester United.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi won 34 trophies with Barcelona, before he left to join Paris Saint-Germain in 2021.

Therefore, he’s most likely to smash the record next campaign, if he returns to Barcelona, which can happen in the summer.

Xavi Hernández is expected to build his frontline around the Argentine, so winning one trophy in 2023-2024 is possible.

3. Most UEFA Champions League trophy with Barcelona

Unfortunately, Lionel Messi isn’t able to win the UCL with Paris Saint-Germain, having been eliminated by Bayern Munich in 2022-2023.

However, he’s most likely to lift the trophy again next campaign at Spotify Camp Nou, and his partnership with Xavi will definitely pay off.

At the moment, Messi has 4 UCL titles with Barcelona, which means no Barca player has ever won more than 4 UCL cups.

Therefore, the 2022 FIFA World Cup champion can make it happen next season, if he really returns.

4. Most Copa del Rey goals for Barcelona

Even though Messi left the club in the last two years, he remains the second-leading scorer in the competition for Barca.

Before he joined Paris Saint-Germain in 2021, Lionel had 56 Copa del Rey goals, behind Joseph Samitier, who has 64.

Therefore, it would take nine goals in the Copa del Rey to overtake the club’s legend, and it’s very possible if he rejoins the Blaugranas.

Xavi Hernández knows that Lionel Messi to Barcelona will change many things at the club, and he wants to make it happen.

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