The Gunners continued their winless streak at the Etihad Stadium since 2015, as they lost 4-1 to the Citizens on Wednesday. At the moment, Man City last 7 games could make them the EPL title winner.

Mikel Arteta’s men have been leading the Premier League table since the beginning of the 2022-2023 campaign. However, they have now started to slip off.

Following their 4-1 defeat on Wednesday, they are just 2 points above Pep Guardiola’s men. Meanwhile, the Citizens have two games at hand.

Manchester City are literally unstoppable in all competitions this season, particularly in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

Therefore, Man City last 7 games vs Arsenal last 5 games would decide the winner at the end of the season. They are both balanced this season.

Frankly, if Pep Guardiola’s troops win their two outstanding matches. They will definitely be above the Gunners, meaning the North London club may lose the trophy.

Nevertheless, Arsenal have officially qualified for next season’s UEFA Champions League. That’s their first time since the 2015-2016 campaign.

Regardless of the outcome at the end of the season. Mikel Arteta did a wonderful job with the squad, making them a European club again in the top five leagues.

Kevin De Bruyne loves playing against the Gunners. He scored 2 goals at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday, despite the fact that he played from midfield.

Kevin De Bruyne stats against Arsenal

14 games
11 wins
8 goals
4 assists

Mikel Arteta on the lesson from the defeat:

“Just to accept the reality; that’s the best way to move forward. Accept that today they were better than us.”

“They deserved to win the game, that we never had a chance to win the game & that we have to improve, be better & be humble enough to accept that. In sport, you have to do that if you want to be better.”

In all fairness, there’s a huge gap between Arsenal and Manchester City, it was obvious on Wednesday. However, Mikel Arteta is doing a marvelous job.

Statistically, the Citizens have now won 12 consecutive Premier League games against the Gunners. Which is surprising with an aggregate score of 33-5.

Pep Guardiola continues to terrorize the Arsenal family since his arrival at the Etihad Stadium. He’s literally dominating the Premier League.

Since his move to the English league, the Citizens gaffer has now won 40 points against Arsenal, that’s more than any team in the league.

Obviously, the Gunners have been missing William Saliba since his injury. The team has been performing unimpressively in his absence, leaving loopholes at the back.

Arsenal’s EPL stats with William Saliba

27 games
21 wins
3 draws
3 defeats

Arsenal’s EPL stats without William Saliba

6 matches
2 wins
3 defeats
1 draw
13 goals conceded

Without being sentimental, the Frenchman is a missing piece at the Gunners defense line. They haven’t been able to fill up his gap at the club, Rob Holding doesn’t have the ability.

What are Man City last 7 games for the 2022-2023 season?

  • Fulham
  • West Ham United
  • Leeds United
  • Everton
  • Chelsea
  • Brighton Albion
  • Brentford

Manchester City have seven games left to play this season, because they have two games in hand. Which are Brighton Albion and Brentford.

Chelsea are currently in shambles in the Premier League. As a result, they don’t have the ability to stop the Citizens when they face each other.

Therefore, Pep Guardiola’s men have the capacity to continue their winning streak for the rest of the season. Even though they are still in the UEFA Champions League.

Fulham vs Manchester City

This actually looks like a win-win for the Citizens. Pep Guardiola wouldn’t want to blow his title chase against the Cottagers.

City are on a 13-match unbeaten run against Fulham. The Citizens have been undefeated against the West London club since 2009.

Manchester City vs West United 

The Citizens are obviously capable of destroying the Hammers, as they lost 2-1 to Liverpool on Wednesday.

Manchester City are also on a 3-match winning streak against West Ham United. That sounds like another victory for Guardiola’s men.

Manchester City vs Leeds United

Pep’s side have scored 14 goals in their previous 3 games against Leeds United. Which means they have the ability to claim another 3 points.

The Citizens won 7-0 over Leeds in their last trip to the Etihad Stadium. It looks like they won’t have a chance to win in May.

Everton vs Manchester City 

The Toffees don’t always go easy on the Citizens. However, Pep Guardiola’s men are literally unstoppable in the league this season.

Statistically, Everton haven’t won any game over Manchester City since 2017, making it their 11-match winless run against the Citizens.

Manchester City vs Chelsea

This is expected to come easy for the host, because the West London club are currently in shambles in the league.

Pep Guardiola has already defeated Chelsea three times this season, with seven goals scored. Frank Lampard cannot stop them.

Brighton Albion vs Manchester City (Outstanding) 

Speaking of Man City last 7 games. The Seagulls defeated Pep Guardiola once last season. However, they are currently three matches without a win over the Citizens.

Roberto De Zerbi ain’t joking, he may fight for a draw at Amex Stadium. Because he wouldn’t want to lose at home.

Brentford vs Manchester City (Outstanding) 

Unbelievably, the Bees have defeated the Citizens this season, which was the first-leg. However, Pep Guardiola wouldn’t want to lose two consecutive games.

Manchester City would want to finish the 2022-2023 season with a victory. As a result, they wouldn’t want to lose the Community Stadium.

Pep & Mikel; Manchester City last seven games

What are Arsenal last five matches for the 2022-2023 season?

  • Chelsea
  • Newcastle
  • Brighton Albion
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Wolverhampton

Even though the Gunners will play Chelsea in their last five matches for the 2022-2023 season. They may struggle against the Magpies and the Seagulls.

Mikel Arteta’s men keep performing awfully in the absence of William Saliba. Nevertheless, they are expected to fight to the end of this campaign.

Arsenal vs Chelsea 

The Gunners are on a 4-match winning streak against the West London club. Of course, they wouldn’t want to win again at the Emirates Stadium.

Obviously, Frank Lampard’s side have been poor since Thomas Tuchel’s exit. As a result, that looks like a 3-point in advance for the Gunners.

Newcastle vs Arsenal 

The Magpies put six goals past Tottenham in their previous Premier League game. They have enough reinforcements to frustrate Arsenal.

Newcastle are unbeaten in their previous two matches against the Gunners. It’s definitely going to be a tough one between the two sides.

Arsenal vs Brighton Albion 

The Seagulls have already destroyed some top teams in the league this season. However, they won 4-2 over them in the first phase of 2022-2023.

Roberto De Zerbi is fighting to play in European competition next season. Therefore, he won’t take it easy against Mikel Arteta’s side.

Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal 

The Gunners put 5-0 past Forster in the first phase of the campaign. However, they would have to stand firm at City Ground, because it will be tough.

Nottingham Forest have won over some top teams at home this season, they don’t accept defeat easily at home. That’s why it won’t be easy for Arsenal.

Arsenal vs Wolverhampton 

The Wolves are always tough against the top teams in the Premier League. That’s why they won’t go easy on the Gunners when they face each other.

Arsenal have the capacity to beat Wolverhampton. However, their victory will depend on their previous performances in the league.

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