Lionel Messi Argentina

Argentina claimed a 1-0 victory over Ecuador in their 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers on Friday. Of course, Lionel Messi Argentina continues his brilliant performance, helping the team’s display.

After a tough 70 minutes between the Ecuadorian and La Albiceleste. The Inter Miami magnifico stood up for his country, showing off his playmaking skills against the Ecuadorian.

Lionel Messi Argentina scored an unbelievable free-kick in the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. And he single-handedly won the game for the Argentines on Friday.

As a result of his free-kick against Ecuador. The seventh Ballon D’or winner has now scored his 26th goal in 2023, his 104th goal for Argentina, and his 819th career goal in the world of football.

Also, he has now registered his 65th free-kick. His 5th free-kick in the year 2023, his 11th free-kick for Argentina, and his 4th in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. In all fairness, the player keeps making headlines.

The Ecuadorians didn’t make it easy for Argentina on Friday. They fought hard defensively in the first-half, however, the Argentina captain broke the deadlock for his country with his 78th free-kick.

Speaking on Lionel Argentina 65th free-kick. He has scored 50 free-kicks for Barcelona, 11 for Argentina, 2 for Inter Miami, and 2 for Paris Saint-Germain.

Of course, the former Barcelona captain is still on the verge of winning his eighth Ballon D’or. That’s actually an amazing and wonderful feat for the player.

Lionel Messi stats with Argentina national team 

179 appearances
104 goals
53 assists
11 free-kick goals
FIFA World Cup trophy
Copa America trophy

Meanwhile, Lionel Argentina has reached a new milestone, after his free-kick against Ecuador. He chooses to continue terrorizing many teams in the world of football.

The Argentine magnifico is now the top goal-scorer in South American FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. He now has 29 goals, equaling his former teammate, Luis Suárez, who also has 29 goals.

Lionel Messi Argentina may not be making waves at international level like Cristiano Ronaldo. However, he single-handedly controls South American football.

Lionel Messi Argentina

Of course, there are many brilliant and talented players in South America. The likes of Neymar and many more. Regardless, none of them is above the Argentine captain.

Luis Suárez is indeed a prolific goal-scorer. However, he’s now lost his record as the top goal-scorer in South American FIFA World Cup Qualifiers to Lionel Messi Argentina.

The former Liverpool central-forward isn’t currently with the Uruguay national team. As a result, the record now belongs to the Inter Miami magnifico at international level.

Simply put, Lionel Messi Argentina has reached a new milestone at international level. He’s now the top goal-scorer in South American FIFA World Cup Qualifiers with 29 goals, equaling Luis Suárez’s goal record.

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