Mohamed Salah stats vs Eden Hazard in the Premier League, who’s the bigger PL legend?

Mohamed Salah stats vs Eden Hazard in the Premier League, who’s the bigger PL legend?

Mohamed Salah stats at Liverpool are now insane, as the Egyptian wizard keeps getting better in the Premier League. Of course, he’s now one of the greatest players to ever play for the Reds family.

Followed by Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Leicester City on Monday. Salah registered a hat-trick of assists, giving the Reds a massive victory.

As a result, the Egyptian wizard has now registered more Premier League assists (57) than Cantona (56), Ozil, Mata, and Hazard (54).

Even though he failed at Chelsea. Mohamed is now becoming a very important player for the Reds. Jurgen Klopp continues to enjoy his service.

Who are the players to register 3 assists in a single Premier League match this season? 

  • Roberto Firmino vs Bournemouth (August)
  • Leandro Trossard vs Fulham (March)
  • Michael Olise vs Leeds United (April)
  • Mohamed Salah vs Leicester City (May)

Despite struggling at the beginning of the season. The Egypt international continues to help the team’s performance in all competitions.

Speaking of Mohamed Salah stats, he’s Liverpool player with the most goals (19) and assists (10) in the Premier League this campaign.

Even though he started the season very slowly. He’s now one of the players to register double-figure goals and assists in the league this season.

With all that being said, it’s now difficult to know the bigger legend between Mohamed Salah and Eden Hazard in the Premier League.

Of course, the Belgian wizard was unstoppable during his time at Chelsea. He obviously did many impossible things with the West London club.

As a result, the Blues fans will always love him, because he’s one of the best players they’ve ever had at the club. Hazard’s stats were also insane at Chelsea.

Before the Belgian mastero left the West London club. There was an obvious comparison between the players, because they have many things in common.

Having seen the Egyptian wizard’s stats this season, despite the struggle. He is literally one of the most unforgettable players in Premier League history.

Eden Hazard’s Premier League awards and honors

  • 2 player of the month awards
  • 2 goal of the month awards
  • 1 player of the season
  • 1 playmaker of the season

Eden Hazard’s Premier League goal-scoring career

  • 2012-2013 – 9 goals
  • 2013-2014 – 14 goals
  • 2014/2015 – 14 goals
  • 2015/2016 – 4 goals
  • 2016/2017 – 16 goals
  • 2017/2018 – 12 goals
  • 2018/2019 – 16 goals

In all fairness, the Belgian wizard single-handedly won many games for the West London club. He always stood up for the team.

That’s why the Blues haven’t been able to replace him since his move to Real Madrid in 2019. Even though he’s struggling with Los Blancos.

Regardless of his current stats at Real Madrid. Eden Hazard was a legend in the Premier League. He was great during his time at Chelsea.

Mohamed Salah’s Premier League awards and honors

  • 4 player of the month awards
  • 3 Golden Boots
  • 2 goal of the month awards
  • 1 player of the season
  • 1 goal of the season award
  • 1 playmaker of the campaign

Mohamed Salah’s Premier League goal-scoring career at Liverpool 

  • 2017/2018 – 32 goals
  • 2018/2019 – 22 goals
  • 2019-2020 – 19 goals
  • 2020-2021 – 22 goals
  • 2021-2022 – 23 goals
  • 2022-2023 – 19 goals

Obviously, the Egyptian wizard has achieved many things with the Reds. At least, he has now scored more than 15 goals in six consecutive campaigns.

Mohamed Salah is unarguably the greatest African player to ever play in the Premier League. He’s literally above Sadio Mané.

The Egypt international has achieved more than the likes of Drogba, Ighalo, and other African players who played in the league.

What’s the difference between Mohamed Salah and Eden Hazard? 

Without being sentimental, the two players are playmakers and the best thing ever to happen to their respective clubs in the Premier League.

However, they have some differences. Even though they seem to have many things in common, as regards their style of play, strengths, and weaknesses.

The West London club will continue to blame themselves for selling Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne.

Because they would have built something unstoppable with Hazard, Salah, and De Bruyne in the same squad.

Regardless, the Egyptian wizard loves scoring goals, he’s indeed a goal-machine. While the Belgian mastero doesn’t value scoring goals.

Hazard prefers to register assists, and create chances rather than score goals. That’s the first difference between the Premier League playmakers.

In addition, Salah’s finishing is on a different level. While Hazard wasn’t really clinical in front of goal during his time at Chelsea.

Meanwhile, speaking of the likes of dribbling, creating chances, and making key passes. Mohamed is obviously behind Eden, Hazard was a master of creating chances.

He doesn’t care about scoring goals. He usually plays with the mindset of helping the team’s performance, regardless of the competition.

Salah scores goals for fun, he’s more like Erling Haaland of Manchester City. The Egyptian wizard never gets weary of scoring goals.

Of course, Mohamed is above Hazard as regards his number of goals. While he’s behind Eden regarding the number of MOTM awards, dribbles, and the rest.

Mohamed Salah stats

Mohamed Salah stats vs Eden Hazard in the Premier League

Obviously, the Belgian mastero has already left the EPL, while the Egyptian wizard is still at Liverpool. As he continues to make headlines with the Reds.

Nevertheless, we are going to compare their league stats. So as to know the bigger Premier League legends, considering their all-around statistics.

Stats Salah Hazard
Matches 229 245
Goals 139 85
Assists 56 54
Golden boot 3 0
Playmaker award 1 1
Titles 1 2

Who’s the bigger Premier League legend?

Obviously, the two players are EPL legends. Of course, they have done and achieved many things in the English top flight.

Eden Hazard spent seven good years in the Premier League at Chelsea. Throughout his stay at Stamford Bridge, he always played to help the team’s performance.

The Belgian wizard won two Premier League titles with Chelsea before his move to Real Madrid. And he played massive roles in those two seasons.

That’s enough merit for him to become one of the past legends of the league. His stats with the Blues family cannot be forgotten, he was a blessing to the West London club.

At the same time, Mohamed Salah stats unveil him as a bigger legend of the Premier League. Even though he won just one EPL title with the Reds.

The Egyptian wizard is very stable and consistent. Of course, he has now scored more than 15 goals in 6 consecutive seasons in the league.

Jurgen Klopp’s man scores goals for fun, winning three Golden Boots. Meanwhile, the former Chelsea superstar won none with the West London club.

Stats aren’t everything when it comes to comparing two star footballers together. That’s why both Hazard and Salah are bigger legends in the PL.

Mohamed Salah stats confirmed that he’s better than Eden Hazard. Nevertheless, they are literally on the same level, apart from their number of goals.

Frankly, the Belgian wizard was better than the Egyptian with the ball at his feet. As a result, eyes test will choose Hazard, while the stats will go for Salah.

Regardless, the two star players are both great and amazing. Therefore, it can be concluded that Salah and Hazard are bigger EPL legends.

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