Mauricio Pochettino’s troops have been dazzling impressively as regards the PL Summer Series. The Blues are still unbeaten on their USA pre-season tour.

In all fairness, the Argentine manager is doing a marvelous job at Chelsea. It changes the team’s style of play within a few minutes.

Speaking of the PL Series, the West London club will face Fulham on Sunday. And they are expected to win over the Cottagers.

The Blues started their pre-season tour with a 5-0 over Wrexham. However, they started the PL Summer Series 2023 with a 4-3 victory over Brighton Albion.

Also, they shared points 1-1 against Newcastle. As a result, they are still unbeaten in that competition, and look forward to destroying Fulham on Sunday.

Meanwhile, not all the Premier League clubs are playing in the Summer Series. There are many top EPL clubs that aren’t in the competition.

The likes of Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City, and the rest aren’t playing in the PL Summer Series. Which makes it less competitive.

Regardless, after playing Brighton Albion and Newcastle. Chelsea are one win away from winning the 2023 PL Summer on their USA pre-season tour.

PL Summer Series Table 

Nevertheless – 5 pts
Aston Villa – 4 pts
Chelsea – 4 pts
Brighton Albion – 3 pts
Fulham – 3 pts
Brentford – 0 pts

PL Summer Series

Obviously, the Magpies are currently above Chelsea with just one point. Therefore, a win over Fulham could make the Blues champions of the PL Summer Series.

The Cottagers haven’t been really impressive on their pre-season tour. As a result, they are most likely to lose against the West London club on Sunday.

Regarding Mauricio Pochettino’s troops display on their USA pre-season tour. They have the ability to destroy Fulham.

Winning over the Cottagers will give them 7 points, which will be 2 points above Newcastle. Therefore, the Blues may win their first trophy of the season.

On the contrary, Aston Villa are in the same position as Chelsea. And they have one game left, which is against Brentford.

Meanwhile, the Bees haven’t won any games in the 2023 Summer Series. Therefore, they are most likely to fight to claim victory over the Lions.

The West London club can only become the Summer Series Champions. If they win over Fulham, and Villa lose or draw against Brentford.

Of course, Chelsea have only one game left after the PL Series. They still have Borussia Dortmund, before their clash against Liverpool.

Apparently, the West London club have been impressive so far this pre-season. Therefore, they could crown everything with a trophy on Sunday.

Simply put, Chelsea are most likely to win the PL Summer Series. It can only happen with a win over Fulham, and Aston Villa must lose or draw against Brentford.

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