The West London club haven’t been the same since Roman Abramovich left the club. Todd Boehly has now sacked two managers in his first year as the new owner. Therefore, Chelsea have had 10 managers in the last 10 campaigns.

Unfortunately, Graham Potter failed miserably to turn things around with the Blues, particularly in the Premier League.

Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali decided to get rid of him after their 2-0 loss to Aston Villa in the league. Even though they highly rate his managerial prowess.

However, they are currently working with Frank Lampard as the interim manager until the end of the season. Believing he can calm the tension in the dressing room.

Meanwhile, Lampard hasn’t been able to win any matches since he arrived as the interim head coach, losing to Wolverhampton (1-0) and to Real Madrid (2-0).

Chelsea having 10 managers in the last 10 seasons isn’t ideal. But they can easily learn from other top clubs in the Premier League, like Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola has spent almost seven years with the Citizens. And he keeps winning trophies at the club every season, making waves in the league.

Of course, that was what Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali planned to achieve with Graham Potter. However, it didn’t work out with the English gaffer.

Reportedly, Luis Enrique or Julian Nagelsmann is most likely to become the West London club’s new head coach next campaign.

The club have reportedly interviewed the two managers, and they are going to take their time to choose the right candidate for the managerial job.

Many brilliant, tactical, and talented managers have come and gone at Chelsea, the likes of Conte, Sarri, Tuchel, and others are brilliant coaches.

Having seen what Maurizio Sarri is currently doing with Lazio in Serie A. The Blues would have become the best under him, if they had given him enough time.

The 2022-2023 campaign is already over for the West London club, meaning Frank Lampard cannot turn it around. Although, he may help the team avoid relegation in the league.

Out of Chelsea last 10 managers, Thomas Tuchel is considered the most successful, having won three trophies within a season at the club.

Here are Chelsea last 10 managers in the last 10 seasons with their achievements

10. André Villas-Boas – 0 trophies (2011-2012)

The Portuguese gaffer didn’t win anything at Chelsea. He was one of the coaches who failed woefully during Roman Abramovich’s era, before Todd Boehly-Clearlake.

André Villas-Boas joined the Blues in June 2011, and he started well with the West London club. He won all his preseason fixtures, conceding just one goal in six games.

However, the Portuguese manager got sacked in March 2012, after the team’s 1-0 loss to West Brom in the Premier League.

In all fairness, Villas-Boas is more like Graham Potter, a very young and tactical manager. But he never succeeded at Stamford Bridge as one of Chelsea last 10 managers.

He actually left Chelsea on very bad terms because senior players like Frank Lampard and others questioned his tactics, leading to his job relieved in 2012.

9. Roberto Di Matteo – 2 trophies (2012)

  • The FA Cup
  • The UEFA Champions League

Obviously, after the exit of André Villas-Boas, the Italian gaffer took over as caretaker manager until the end of that season.

Amazingly, Roberto Di Matteo lifted two trophies with Chelsea, which were the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

The club’s decision to let him replace Villas-Boas paid off under Roman Abramovich, defeating Bayern Munich in the 2012 UCL final.

After the UEFA Champions League victory, Roberto Di Matteo joined the club on a permanent basis, penning a 2-year contract with the Blues.

However, he left in November 2012, followed by their 3-0 loss to Juventus in the UCL. Which got the club eliminated from the competition.

8. Rafael Benítez – 1 trophy (2012-2013)

  • The UEFA Europa League

As usual, following the exit of Roberto Di Matteo, the Spanish coach was appointed as the interim manager for the 2012-2013 campaign.

Of course, Rafael Benítez has a good relationship with Liverpool, so most of the Blues fans didn’t find his appointment wise enough that season.

The Spaniard is literally one of the top and most experienced managers in Europe’s top-5 leagues, so he put his tactics into action when he arrived at Stamford Bridge.

In May 2023, Benítez won the UEFA Europa League with Chelsea, followed by their 2-1 victory over Benfica, so he didn’t finish trophyless with the Blues.

At the end of the 2012-2013 season, Rafael left the West London club, with a 2-1 victory over Everton in the Premier League, ending nicely with the club.

7. José Mourinho – 2 trophies (2013-2015)

  • The Premier League
  • The Carabao Cup

Of course, the Portuguese manager succeeded in his two spells at Chelsea, his second started in 2013 to 2015, spending almost two seasons.

This is the main reason the Blues fans will always appreciate and respect him. Some fans even want him as Graham Potter’s replacement under Todd Boehly.

Surprisingly, from the 2013-2014 to 2014-2015 campaigns, José Mourinho won the Premier League and the EFL Cup with the West London club.

Frankly, the Portuguese gaffer was one of the most successful managers during Roman Abramovich’s era, lifted many trophies with the club.

However, Mourinho left the club in December 2015, after winning just 9 out of 16 Premier League matches. Abramovich never joked with titles during his time.

6. Guus Hiddink – 0 trophies (2015-2016)

The Dutch coach was another manager who had two spells at Chelsea, however, his second spell didn’t pay off. Even though he won the FA Cup in his first campaign.

After the dismissal of José Mourinho, the West London club appointed Guus Hiddink as the interim head coach in December 2015.

The Dutchman dazzled impressively in the Premier League, creating a new record of a 12-match unbeaten streak in the league.

He met the Blues in 16th place in the league, but they finished 10th under him, and he left at the end of the season since he was an interim gaffer.

All these managers look very experienced and tactical. Meanwhile, they didn’t stay long at the West London club, particularly under Roman Abramovich.

5. Antonio Conte – 2 trophies (2016-2018)

  • The Premier League
  • The FA Cup

Aside from José Mourinho, the Italian gaffer was another manager who spent more than one campaign at Stamford Bridge during Roman Abramovich’s era.

Of course, Antonio Conte is in the same league as the likes of Pep Guardiola, Thomas Tuchel, Carlo Ancelotti, and other top coaches in Europe.

Having spent two campaigns with the West London club. He managed to win the Premier League and the FA Cup, making him another successful coach at the club.

Because Chelsea missed out on qualifying for the UEFA Champions League in 2018, Conte was sacked despite the fact that he won the FA Cup.

Obviously, Roman Abramovich valued the UCL during his time there, so Antonio had to leave because he failed to qualify for the competition.

4. Maurizio Sarri – 1 trophy (2018-2019)

  • The UEFA Europa League 

After Antonio Conte failed to make it to the UEFA Champions League, the Blues had to participate in the Europa League in 2019, with Maurizio Sarri as the manager.

The West London club appointed the Italian coach as their new head manager in July 2018. But his first game was against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium.

Maurizio Sarri almost won the Carabao Cup with the Blues in 2019. But he lost to the Citizens during a penalty shootout due to Kepa Arrizabalaga’s stubbornness.

Interestingly, the Blues won the UEFA Europa League under him in May 2019, followed by their 4-1 victory over Arsenal in Baku.

However, Maurizio Sarri wasn’t really sacked at Chelsea. He decided to join Juventus in Serie A at the end of the 2018-2019 campaign.

Chelsea last 10 managers

3. Frank Lampard – 0 trophies (2019-2021)

Along with José Mourinho and Guus Hiddink, the Englishman is another manager who has had two spells out of Chelsea last 10 managers.

After Frank Lampard dazzled impressively with Derby County. He joined the Blues as Maurizio Sarri’s replacement in July 2019 on a 3-year contract.

Having won the UEFA Europa League under Sarri. Chelsea had to play in the UEFA Super Cup against Liverpool, who won the UCL under Lampard.

However, the Englishman lost to the Reds on penalties in 2019. He signed many brilliant and talented players during his time at the West London club.

Well, Frank Lampard was relieved of his job in 2021, despite the fact that he won his last game, a 3-1 victory over Luton Town in the FA Cup.

2. Thomas Tuchel – 3 trophies (2021-2022)

  • The UEFA Champions League 
  • The UEFA Super Cup 
  • The FIFA Club World Cup 

The German boss is considered the most successful manager under Roman Abramovich, having lifted 3 trophies in one season at Stamford Bridge.

However, he was a victim of the Todd Boehly-Clearlake takeover and suffered greatly in his second campaign at Chelsea, before Graham Potter.

Thomas Tuchel wasn’t really sacked in 2022 because of poor results. He was reportedly relieved of his job because he isn’t a project manager.

Of course, Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali are planning to build a project as the Blues’ new owners. So, the German didn’t fit their profile.

Tuchel made many headlines in the Premier League during his tenure at Chelsea. And he frustrated many top coaches in the league.

1. Graham Potter – 0 trophies (2022-2023)

The Blues signed the Englishman as Thomas Tuchel’s replacement. And he became the highest paid English manager, the first in the club’s history.

The Blues’ new owners believed so much in Graham Potter. Because he’s a project gaffer, always wants to help the young players and improve the squad.

However, Potter was sacked in April 2023 after the team’s 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge, making it two managers under Todd Boehly.

Profile-wise, Graham Potter is very similar to Maurizio Sarri and Mikel Arteta. And it always takes a long time before implementing their patterns at the club.

Since the West London club wants instant results, the Englishman left in April. Which gave room for an interview with Luis Enrique and Julian Nagelsmann.

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