Rasmus Højlund

Wout Weghorst has officially left Manchester United, returning to Burnley. As a result, the Red Devils are keeping tabs on Rasmus Højlund as a central-forward.

Erik ten Hag’s troops won 2-0 over Leeds United in their pre-season. However, they missed many chances, which means they need a striker to equip the frontline.

Even though Anthony Martial is available in the squad. Manchester United still want to sign a new central-forward to boost the team’s performance.

Therefore, the Red Devils are ready to bring Rasmus Højlund to Old Trafford. Erik ten Hag doesn’t want to settle for less in Europe’s top-5 leagues next campaign.

Of course, Marcus Rashford can play as a central-forward. However, he operates dangerously from the left-wing, because that’s his best position.

With that being said, the Red Devils don’t want to rely on Rashford as their striker. And with Anthony Martial most likely to leave Old Trafford this summer transfer window.

Sevilla are reportedly interested in signing the Frenchman. As a result, the striker will most likely leave the Premier League side next season.

Therefore, Manchester United wants to sign a new striker. And they want Højlund in the squad, because of his ability and potential as a striker.

The Red Devils have many strikers on their radar. They have the likes of Victor Osimhen, Harry Kane, and the rest. However, Erik ten Hag wants the Danish youngster.

The 22-year-old Danish striker loves Manchester United. He has literally followed all the club’s players on Instagram, showing his love for the club.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Højlund has already agreed personal terms with Manchester United. As a result, he’s most likely to join the Red Devils family.

Rasmus Højlund stats in all competitions (2022-2023)

Sturm Graz

6 games
5 goals
3 assists
8 goal contributions


34 games
10 goals
4 assists

Denmark National Team 

6 games
6 goals

At the age of 20, the Danish youngster is having an exciting career. Which means he has the ability to succeed at Manchester United.

Erik ten Hag is reportedly a big fan of the player. The manager believes that he can become an elite central-forward in the future, despite his age.

With the likes of Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Mason Mount, Antony, and the rest. Rasmus has the probability of scoring many goals for the club.

Before clocking 20-year-old, Højlund scored three goals back-to-back for Atalanta. And he literally won two penalties for the Serie A side as a striker.

According to several reports, Manchester United’s offer for Rasmus Højlund may be around €38 million plus bonuses. Obviously, the Red Devils aren’t joking.

It’s confirmed that the 20-year-old Danish striker will hand in a transfer request. That’s if the two clubs cannot agree on transfer fees.

The Danish international loves Manchester United. And he’s ready to start the 2023-2024 campaign under Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford.

Amazingly, the player’s agent is the same as Erik ten Hag. As a result, that is expected to facilitate his transfer to the Premier League.

The Red Devils cannot afford to build their frontline around Anthony Martial. As a result, they would definitely sign Rasmus this summer.

Who is Rasmus Højlund? 

The 20-year-old Danish striker is called the “Danish Erling Haaland”. He was built just like the Norwegian youngster, having many things in common with each other.

He’s such a street footballer, which means he will be able to adjust to anything around him. That is his leverage to succeed at Manchester United.

Højlund’s boyhood club is Copenhagen in Denmark. At least, he made over 10 appearances for the Danish club, with no goals scored.

Rasmus scored 5 goals for the club in the UEFA Europa Conference League, in the 2021-2022 season. That was before he left the Danish club.

However, he joined Sturm Graz in January 2022 for a fee of €1.8 million. And he scored over 10 goals for the club in all competitions, making 21 appearances.

Just 8 months after joining Sturm Graz from Copenhagen. He signed for Atalanta in Serie A for a fee of €17 million, in August 2022.

What are Rasmus Højlund strengths and weaknesses? 

It’s literally unbelievable that the 20-year-old Danish striker has many skills as his strengths. Which makes him a complete central-forward.

Finishing is one of the player’s strongest skills. He averaged a very reasonable point per 90 minutes at Atlanta last campaign.

Just like Erling Haaland, the Danish international is a ruthless finisher. He doesn’t really joke with the ball, always wants to score goals.

As a central-forward, Højlund has pace and acceleration. His ball movement allows him to run with the ball, setting up the team’s counterattack.

Speaking of his ability to run with the ball. He does rely so much on his athleticism, because it allows him to protect and shield the ball while running towards the box.

In all fairness, his pace and acceleration would definitely help him on the squad. Bruno Fernandes and Mason Mount will set him on fire.

Versatility is another skill to consider in regards to Rasmus. He can play as a winger, second striker, or striker. However, he operates better as a sole central-forward.

Profile-wise, his flexibility will give Manchester United depth in the squad. He can play as a backup for the likes of Rashford, Sancho, and the rest.

Even though he’s a striker. Højlund is a brilliant dribbler, he has the ability to maneuver against the opposition player, using his dribbling skills.

His creativity is very appreciated because of his dribbling prowess. He can get past a few players, making key passes, particularly when he operates from the flank.

The 20-year-old Danish striker likes long shots, and that’s his strength as well. He does like to play shots from a distance, causing havoc for the opponents.

In case of facing defensive-minded teams. The player likes to play outside shots. Of course, he’s most likely to learn more from Mason Mount at the club.

Højlund’s link-up play is on a different level. He usually drops deep to the midfield, receiving the ball and connecting with his teammates in the squad.

Linking up is one of his strongest skills. He usually does it because of his pace and acceleration, the ability to run behind opponents players.

The Danish international has a good work rate, which means he’s more like a workaholic on the pitch. He always runs back and forth, chasing the defenders.

Even without the ball on his feet, he’s very fast, making use of his body. His work rate is amazing, considering his age as a central-forward.

Another strong skill to consider is his off ball movement. He actually makes it happen, like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Raheem Sterling of Chelsea.

He can play on the shoulder or against last line defenders. Rasmus usually runs behind the defenders, making everything easy for himself on the pitch as a striker.

Also, ball control. The Danish striker doesn’t lose the ball easily. He has the ability to control the ball flawlessly in the midst of the opponent’s players.

Despite being just 20-year-old, he ticks all the boxes. Surprisingly, he’s expected to get better and better under Erik ten Hag at Manchester United.

Rasmus Højlund


Considering the Danish striker’s age in the world of football. He doesn’t really have any significant weaknesses. Nevertheless, he has his own limitations.

Having been just 21-year-old, Rasmus Højlund will improve under Erik ten Hag. And the Dutch manager will definitely help with his shortcomings as a striker.

First off, the player’s defensive contribution is so poor. Actually, strikers don’t have nothing to do with the team’s defensive performance.

Meanwhile, there are some central-forwards, who help the team defensively. However, the Danish youngster is awful as regards his defensive contribution.

Despite the fact that he drops deep into the midfield to link-up with his teammates. Still, he doesn’t always contribute to the team’s defensive display.

Also, Højlund doesn’t have the ability to hold on to the ball. Of course, he’s a brilliant dribbler, but the player doesn’t usually hold on to the ball on the pitch.

The likes of Harry Kane have the ability to hold on to the ball. Because his footwork is amazing and excellent. However, the 20-year-old striker is still improving.

Regardless, the Danish international would learn many things at Manchester United. Erik ten Hag always brings out the best in his players in the squad.

What is Rasmus Højlund style of play?

The Danish youngster plays as a central-forward. However, he operates in attack as a winger, considering his strengths and strongest skills.

The 20-year-old striker likes to drop deep into the midfield to receive the ball. Also, he usually finds space between the lines to locate his teammates.

Speaking of dropping to the midfield. He always relies on his dribbling prowess, so as to make a way for himself against his opponent’s players.

Højlund likes to play shots. He doesn’t waste too many chances, playing shots from distance when he cannot penetrate inside the opponent’s box.

His shot accuracy makes him clinical, thanks to his finishing prowess. He doesn’t slow down the team’s performance, always releases shots quickly.

Because of his off ball movement. Rasmus likes to run behind defenders, the player has his own ways of fooling the opposition’s players.

The Danish international likes to render defenders useless. He believes so much in his off-the-ball movement, always runs behind the opponent’s players.

Like I said earlier, the player likes to shoot. His versatility allows him to shoot from any angle on the pitch, he’s a powerful shooter from any part of the field.

In addition, Højlund likes to play penalties, the young striker is an accurate penalty taker. However, he cannot be the club’s penalty taker.

Also, the 20-year-old central-forward likes to pose aerial threats in the opponent’s box. He comfortably jumps, challenging the opposition.

Rasmus isn’t really selfish as a player. He loves to link up play with his teammates, dropping to the midfield to support the team’s performance.

The player doesn’t isolate himself up front. He comes down to the midfield, linking up with the midfielders, which will build something amazing with his teammates.

His ability to link-up plays will make him irreplaceable at the club. He will definitely build something dangerous with Mount, Fernandes, and Eriksen.

Moreso, Rasmus likes to use his body to shield the ball from defenders. His athleticism and physicality give him an advantage over the opponent’s players.

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