Apparently, it’s very exciting to know that there are some popular celebrities who support Arsenal, as the Gunners keep balling in the Premier League.

Speaking of the 2022-2023 season, Mikel Arteta’s troops have won seven games in a row for the first time.

Of course, the North London club have been struggling for many years, particularly since the departure of Arsène Wenger in 2018.

There are many top clubs in the Premier League, but the Gunners are one of them, as evidenced by their achievements.

As regards the English league, the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and others have many big names as their fans.

Therefore, the Gunners are not excluded, because there are many famous celebrities who support Arsenal.

It’s apparent that the North London club’s fans are proud of their club since the beginning of the season.

Mikel Arteta’s men have been flying high in the Premier League since the beginning of the 2022-2023 campaign.

At the same time, they are 8 points above Manchester City in the league table, making them the favorites to win the title in May.

Arsenal’s fans support them during their hard times, talking about their statistics in their previous two seasons.

The Gunners are now out of the UEFA Europa League, having been eliminated by Sporting CP at the Emirates.

Nevertheless, the English League title means the world to the Gunners family, crowning their struggles for many years.

The North London club have actors, singers, and others cheering them on in every match, as they are unstoppable in 2022-2023.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and the rest have big names in the Premier League.

Regardless, Arsenal are no exception in England, because they also have a massive fanbase in the world of football.

Here are some Famous celebrities who support Arsenal

10. Mick Jagger – English singer 

The Rolling Stones superstar is literally one of the most popular supporters of the North London club.

Mick Jagger has been an Arsenal fan for over 50 years, always makes his affection for the Gunners obvious online.

The English singer has been seen at the Emirates several times, catching games and cheering up the players.

Not all celebrities like showing up at the stadium to watch football. Interestingly, Jagger always makes himself available.

9. Mo Farah – British runner

The British long distance runner never conceals his love for the North London club, he’s a die-hard fan.

Mo Farah is one of the celebrities who are Arsenal fans, he can literally give up anything for the Gunners family.

In 2015, the British superstar made it known that he wants Arsenal to be his child’s middle name, showing his affection.

Despite the fact that not everyone knows him, he’s a die-hard fan of the North London club regardless of the circumstances.

8. Dido – English singer

The No Angel singer and songwriter is another celebrity, who is very religious about her love for the Gunners.

Dido, who has been an Arsenal fan for many years, claimed she has been rooting for the North London club since 3-year-old.

Of course, that’s very amazing, the English singer said her father took her to the club’s ground in 1974.

Dido has been spotted at the Emirates Stadium many times, rooting for and cheering on the Gunners players.

7. Roger Waters – English musician

He’s a famous bassist and songwriter, one of the big names supporting the Premier League side.

Roger Waters himself made his affection for Arsenal known on Twitter, speaking about an incident that happened in Gaza.

However, the English bassist hasn’t really been seen at the Emirates Stadium, but he’s still a die-hard fan of the club.

Obviously, the Gunners are no small club in the Premier League, they have many high-profile supporters behind them.

6. Robert Pattinson – British actor

Another celebrity who’s not hiding his love and affection for the North London club, rooting for them in every season.

Robert Pattinson reportedly revealed that he’s an Arsenal fan, through the United Kingdom newspaper Metro.

The British actor claimed that he missed reading the Gunners football news, making his love for the club obvious.

Pattinson hasn’t been really spotted at the Emirates Stadium catching a game or something, but he’s a real fan.

5. Piers Morgan – English broadcaster

Of course, many Arsenal fans know him as one of their own, but they don’t really like him because he always criticizes Mikel Arteta.

Piers Morgan is one of the English broadcasters, who usually defends the North London club on Twitter.

He seriously went hard on Mikel Arteta some years back, when the gaffer allowed Aubameyang to leave for Barcelona.

Recently, he came on Twitter and said he’s trusting the process, as Arsenal are leading the Premier League table in 2022-2023.

4. Daniel Kaluuya – British actor

Just like Piers Morgan, this one is also a famous diehard fan of the Premier League side, which is somewhat obvious.

Daniel Kaluuya is the narrator of Arsenal’s documentary “All Or Nothing” on Amazon Prime. That says a lot.

As a result, the British actor has a special love for the North London club, he always wants the best for the club.

It’s believed that Kaluuya would have been at the Emirates Stadium many times, catching a game or meeting the players.

Jay-Z; celebrities who support Arsenal

3. Jay-Z – American rapper

Almost all Arsenal fans recognize the singer as one of their own, because he always roots for the Gunners.

Jay-Z started supporting the North London club because of his close friendship with Thierry Henry.

Therefore, he’s one of the big names who usually attend Arsenal matches at the Emirates Stadium.

The American rapper reportedly wanted to buy some shares in the club years ago, showing how much he values the Gunners.

2. Rihanna – Barbadian singer

She’s arguably one of celebrities who support Arsenal, rooting for the club for many years.

Almost all football fans know that Rihanna supports Arsenal, having been to the club’s ground severally.

In 2018, Rihanna was in attendance when the North London club won 4-1 over Everton at home.

She was spotted after the match, posing with some Arsenal players, she actually loves the club.

1. Lewis Hamilton – British racing driver

He has been rooting for and cheering on the North London club since he was 6-year-old, that’s amazing.

Lewis Hamilton was once invited to the club’s training matches, when Arsene Wenger was still in charge of the Gunners.

Also, he took part in an exhibition 5v5 side game with some Arsenal legends. Hamilton played with Henry, Pires, and Campbell.

Obviously, the North London club values the Formula 1 superstar, knowing fully well that he’s one of their own.

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