Rodrygo; young footballers who idolize Cristiano Ronaldo

Obviously, the former Manchester United mastero is one of the most successful players in the world of football. As a result, there are many young footballers who idolize Cristiano Ronaldo and see him as their role models.

Of course, there’s a massive difference between the Portuguese magnifico and Lionel Messi, even though they are both the world’s best players.

The Argentine captain is considered a naturally gifted footballer, while the former Real Madrid superstar worked hard to gather his success.

Not only young footballers idolize Cristiano Ronaldo. There are businessmen, actors, actresses, basketball players, and others who idolize him.

Mainly because of his hard work and high level of dedication. It’s apparent that the Portuguese international doesn’t always settle for less.

At the age of 38, Cristiano Ronaldo is still up and running in the world of football, currently making waves at Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

Many youngsters want to achieve half of what the Portuguese magnifico has achieved in the world of football, particularly in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Even though he’s not been able to win the FIFA World Cup, he remains one of the top three most successful footballers in the world in the 21st century.

These young footballers who idolize Cristiano Ronaldo don’t hide their affection for the Ballon D’or winner, they love and everything around him.

Some have declared their love for him on social, others have shown theirs with the way they respect him whenever they clash with each other.

Before Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr in January 2023, he made the “Suu” goal celebration at Manchester United. The word “Suu” means “Yes” in Spanish.

Surprisingly, the goal celebration went viral, which means there are many youngsters who look up to him in the world of sports, be it football, basketball, tennis, or others.

Who are the young footballers who idolize Cristiano Ronaldo?

13. Bukayo Saka – Arsenal

Apparently, not everyone knows that the Gunners’ star boy is one of the young footballers who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo. But he has declared his affection for him.

Bukayo Saka confirmed that he wants to fulfill his full potential in football by following the Portuguese magnifico’s steps.

Despite the fact the Englishman attacks like from right-wing like Lionel Messi. He chose to copy Ronaldo’s mentality, always wants to win.

Just like Cristiano, Saka has been unstoppable for Arsenal for many seasons. Mikel Arteta actually values his winning mentality, which he gets from the Ballon D’or winner.

12. Joao Felix – Chelsea

In all fairness, the Atletico Madrid loanee always looks up to Cristiano Ronaldo, as he made clear in 2019 during his interview with Record.

“Cristiano is my childhood idol, he’s an example in everything for me.”

Apart from Kylian Mbappe, Felix is another youngster who is diehard fan of the former Manchester United superstar. He has played alongside him several times.

They are from the same country, and watching his style of play, he usually attacks and plays shots like the Portugal magnifico.

Reportedly, Joao Felix asked Ronaldo before his loan move to Chelsea in 2023, meaning he gets a series of advice from the 38-year-old superstar.

11. Matthijs de Ligt – Bayern Munich

It’s actually amazing to see a centre-back idolizing Cristiano Ronaldo, because most of the players who look up to him are attackers or strikers.

Matthijs de Ligt once made his affection for the Portuguese known, he said:

“I always wanted to be Cristiano Ronaldo when we played football in the garden.”

Meanwhile, in 2019, the Dutch centre-back joined Juventus from Ajax, and he became his idol’s teammate, always looking up to him.

Once in a while, Matthijs de Ligt does play some striking shots. Obviously, he learned from Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps by emulating his style of play.

10. Gabriel Martinelli – Arsenal

Just like Bukayo Saka, the Brazilian youngster doesn’t constantly publicize his affection for Ronaldo. However, he’s one of his fans.

In February 2021, Gabriel Martinelli declared his love for Cristiano, he said:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol in football. I admire him very much for the way he works for everything. He’s never satisfied, I’m the same.”

The Gunners star boy is currently making headlines at Arsenal this season, his ball movement is very similar to Cristiano’s, particularly from the left-wing.

Apparently, Gabriel Martinelli has learned many things from the Portuguese magnifico, because he’s becoming irreplaceable for the Gunners.

9. Mason Mount – Chelsea

It’s uncertain is the Englishman is team Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. However, he has been trying to replicate Cristiano’s style of play whenever he’s on the pitch.

Mason Mount now plays free-kicks like the Portuguese international, his technique in playing free-kick is very similar to the Ballon D’or winner.

Having watched the England international at Chelsea, he has already perfected Ronaldo’s free-kick techniques more than any young player in the world.

As a result, it’s wise enough to conclude that Mount is one of the star young footballers who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo in the world of sport.

8. Kaoru Mitoma – Brighton Albion 

The Japanese youngster is currently making waves at Brighton Albion, seriously helping the Seagulls in the Premier League under Roberto De Zerbi.

Kaoru Mitoma made it known that he used to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo’s dribbling style when he was still a kid, playing street football.

Amazingly, the Seagulls’ baller is among the top 10 players with the most successful dribbles per 90 minutes in the Premier League.

He attacks from the left-wing, always moves the ball, and causes havoc inside the opponent’s box like Cristiano Ronaldo.

7. Vinícius Jr – Real Madrid

As a Real Madrid player, the Brazilian youngster chose to idolize the Portuguese magnifico, he has made it known several times.

In 2020, Vinícius scored against Barcelona in an El-Clasico, and he did the “Suu” goal celebration, showing his affection for the Al Nassr superstar.

Also, they both met in Saudi Arabia when Real Madrid clashed against Al Ahly during the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup.

Vinícius hasn’t really said anything about his love for Cristiano Ronaldo. Nevertheless, he has made it known through his posts on social media.

6. Alejandro Garnacho – Manchester United

Surprisingly, the Red Devils’ star boy is one of the young footballers who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo, which is very obvious despite being an Argentine.

Because the Portuguese magnifico moved to Al Nassr in January 2023, Alejandro Garnacho played alongside him, celebrating with him.

Of course, Garnacho plays for the Argentine national team, which means he’s expected to idolize Lionel Messi, just like Enzo, Álvarez and others.

However, Alejandro chose to look up to Cristiano Ronaldo, and he emotionally declared his love for him on social media, having played with him in the EPL for the first time.

Rodrygo; young footballers who idolize Cristiano Ronaldo

5. Rodrygo – Real Madrid

Despite his genuine love for Ronaldo of Brazil, the Real Madrid youngster also looks up to the Portuguese magnifico in the world of football.

During their trip to Saudi Arabia as regards the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup against Al Ahly, Rodrygo also met Ronaldo, posing together with a smile.

Meanwhile, Rodrygo also went emotional on social media (Instagram), showing his affection with the caption “Meeting with my biggest idol”.

Obviously, almost all youngsters playing at Real Madrid idolize Ronaldo. They want to achieve half of what he achieved at the club before his move to Juventus.

4. Marcus Rashford – Manchester United

Of course, the Red Devils’ star boy developed well, learning everything from Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United.

Marcus Rashford is currently making headlines under Erik ten Hag, which means he has revived his form, helping the team’s performance.

However, during his struggle at Manchester United, Rashford confirmed that Ronaldo sent him a Real Madrid’s signed shirt, encouraging him to keep up the good work.

Ronaldo's signed shirt for Rashford

Marcus actually idolizes many English footballers, the likes of Rooney, Ferdinand, and others. Regardless, he’s one of Ronaldo’s boys.

3. Reece James – Chelsea

Apart from Matthijs de Ligt of Bayern Munich, here’s another defender on the list of young footballers who idolize Cristiano Ronaldo.

Reece James once confirmed his love for the Portuguese international, he said:

“Cristiano Ronaldo. Even as a Chelsea man, I have always looked up to him and idolized him. He has won so many trophies and so many honours.”

Aside from that, in 2022, a football fan asked James to choose between Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Englishman gave room to “ask me anything” on Twitter.

Amazingly, the Chelsea right-back picked the Portuguese magnifico over the Argentine captain, even though he’s a Blue.

2. Erling Haaland – Manchester City

Despite the fact that he has broken some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s records in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

Erling Haaland made it known that the Portuguese is his role model. Of course, he does strike the ball, put his physicality into action like Ronaldo.

The Norwegian goal-machine on Cristiano Ronaldo, he said:

“I would love to meet him and tell him that I’m a footballer thanks to him. For me, he’s always a role model.”

Apparently, Haaland is expected to take over many more records in the world of football, particularly if he moves to La Liga in the future.

What Erling Haaland said on Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Kylian Mbappe – Paris Saint-Germain

Obviously, the Parisians’ highest paid footballer doesn’t hide his love for Cristiano Ronaldo, his GOAT is the Portuguese magnifico.

Despite the fact that Mbappe is currently playing with Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain, he still idolizes the Portuguese international.

According to WhoScored, Messi to Mbappe is the best assist-to-goalscorer combination (9) in Europe’s Top 5 Leagues this season.

The Frenchman’s combination with Lionel is helping the Parisians in all competitions. Regardless, he chose Cristiano Ronaldo.

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