Salah; Liverpool's highest goal-scorers of all time

Despite having a bad season under Jurgen Klopp this campaign. Mohamed Salah has been unstoppable since the beginning of the year, and he’s now on the list of Liverpool’s highest goal-scorers of all time.

In all fairness, the Egyptian wizard has literally overtaken Luis Suárez and Fernando Torres legacies at the club. As regards scoring goals for the Reds.

Mohamed Salah has now scored 9 goals in his previous 8 appearances at Anfield. He keeps improving the team’s performance, particularly in the league.

Aside from that, he’s now scored back-to-back goals for Liverpool in the Premier League. Even though he’s having an awful campaign.

Mohamed Salah joined the Reds family in 2017. And he’s now dining with the big boys in the club’s history, as regards Liverpool’s highest goal-scorers of all time.

Fortunately, the Egyptian wizard isn’t an injury-prone player. He usually plays back-to-back games for Liverpool in all competitions.

Despite the fact that Suárez and Torres are unforgettable at the club. Salah is now above them, as regards their number of appearances and goals.

Mohamed Salah has now registered 25 goal contributions in the Premier League this campaign. Even though he’s having a bad season with the Reds.

Who are Liverpool’s highest goal-scorers of all time?

10. Harry Chambers – 151 goals (339 games)

The Englishman was known for his aggressiveness inside the opponent’s box. He was indeed a dangerous striker for the Reds.

Harry Chambers made 339 appearances for Liverpool, and he was able to score 151 goals as a striker.

Of course, the English forward won many trophies with the Reds. And he’s considered one of the best strikers in the club’s history.

9. Michael Owen – 158 goals (297 games)

The former English central-forward is one of Liverpool’s highest goal-scorers of all time. Even so, he still played for Manchester United and Newcastle.

Michael Owen was known for his pace and the ability to put his acceleration on display. As a result, he scored 158 goals in 297 matches for the club.

Owen will remain a legend in the Premier League’s history. Many young strikers in the league look up to him, particularly for his ruthlessness inside the opponent’s box.

8. Kenny Dalglish – 172 goals (515 games)

The former Scottish forward is one of the most underrated players in the club’s history. He’s a kind of striker, who’s very merciless on counterattacks.

Kenny Dalglish netted 172 goals for Liverpool in 515 games. The Scotland international once won the Ballon D’or silver award.

Of course, the club hasn’t been able to sign a striker like Dalglish. Because he scored for fun during his time at Anfield.

7. Robbie Fowler – 183 goals (369 games)

Almost all of Liverpool’s fans love the Englishman. Because he was one of the most successful academy players for the club. He started his career at Liverpool.

Robbie Fowler was able to register 183 goals for the Reds as a central-forward. And he made more than 300 appearances in all competitions.

Fowler was actually a one-of-a-kind striker, because of his quickness inside the opponent’s box. He loved to seize every little opportunity.

6. Mohamed Salah – 185 goals (300 games)

Obviously, the Reds are very blessed to have the Egyptian wizard. Of course, he struggled at Chelsea, but he’s now a Liverpool legend even though he’s not retired.

Mohamed Salah’s goal against Fulham made it his 185th goal for the club, which he did in 301 appearances in all competitions.

The Egyptian wizard isn’t really a striker. However, he scored for fun at the club, at least he’s above Firmino, Jota, and others in the squad.

Salah; Liverpool's highest goal-scorers of all time

5. Steven Gerrard – 186 goals (710 games)

Surprisingly, the former English midfielder is one of Liverpool’s highest goal-scorers of all time. That’s why he’s a legend at the club, regardless of his managerial career.

Steven Gerrard was very loyal to the Reds during his time at the club. He once turned down a move to Chelsea, because of his loyalty to the club.

Nevertheless, he scored 186 goals for Liverpool as a midfielder. Despite not winning the Premier League title, he remains the club’s legend.

4. Billy Liddell – 228 goals (534 games)

Another goal-machine on the list, even though he wasn’t a striker. The former Scottish winger scored 228 goals in 534 appearances for the Reds.

However, Billy Liddell was very versatile. He can comfortably play as a central-forward or as a supporting striker.

That explains how he was able to net more than 200 goals for Liverpool in all competitions. Regardless, Salah is expected to catch up with him.

3. Gordon Hodgson – 241 goals (377 games)

Frankly, the Englishman was like Erling Haaland during his time at the club. He scored goals for fun as a striker, having had pace as his biggest strength.

Gordon Hodgson played 337 matches for the Reds, scoring 241 goals. Of course, he’s above Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler.

Hodgson remains an unforgettable legend in the club’s history. Because he achieved many things and scored goals for the Reds family.

2. Roger Hunt – 285 goals (492 games)

The 1966 FIFA World Cup champion is joint second among Liverpool’s highest goal-scorers of all time. Scoring 285 goals in 492 matches for the club.

Roger Hunt enjoyed most of his football career at Liverpool. Even though he later played for Bolton Wanderers in more than 70 appearances.

Hunt won some titles with Liverpool, except the UEFA Champions League. His name remains an unforgettable one at the club.

1. Ian Rush – 346 goals (660 games)

The former Welsh professional striker is leading the race for the club’s highest goal scorer of all time. He was indeed a goal-machine.

Ian Rush scored 346 goals in 660 appearances for Liverpool. His style of play made him unpredictable inside the opponent’s box.

Mohamed Salah may not be able to take over Rush. Despite the fact that he keeps scoring and helping the team’s performance in all competitions.

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