Apparently, Pep Guardiola is gradually becoming unstoppable in the Premier League. Meanwhile, he’s one of the star footballers who were once ball boys, starting his career at Barcelona.

The Citizens’ gaffer isn’t like other managers in the world. He was once a player, a defensive midfielder, spent most of his career with the Culers.

Meanwhile, as a manager, Pep Guardiola is literally one of the most successful coaches in the world of football. His statistics usually reveal everything.

The Spanish gaffer was unstoppable during his time at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Surprisingly, he has now spent more than 7 years at Manchester City.

In the league of Jurgen Klopp, Mikel Arteta, and Erik ten Hag. Pep Guardiola has kept the Citizens flying high since his arrival at the club.

Amazingly, the Manchester City’s boss started his career as a ball boy. And at the moment, he’s above many well-known managers in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Who are the ball boys? 

Of course, only a newbie in football won’t know who the ball boys are. They are alternatively called “ball kids” because they actually deal with balls.

Ball boys are human youths who retrieve and supply balls for players during a match, also supply the officials in football.

Their job is to produce a ball for the player, particularly when there’s a corner or throw in a football game.

Ball boys usually sit down close to the pitch, so as to quickly supply balls when there’s a throw or corner. Always stay alert and sharp.

Meanwhile, they somehow act funny with balls whenever their clubs are winning, they can hide the ball in order to waste him to the advantage of their clubs.

Surprisingly, there are many star footballers today, who were once ball boys at their respective clubs before starting their careers in the world of football.

Who are these star footballers who were once ball boys?

1. Donny Van de Beek

Van de Beek

The Manchester United midfielder started his career at Ajax, and he remains one of the best midfielders who ever played in the Eredivisie.

Donny Van de Beek was Ajax’s ball boy when Luis Suarez was at the club, which was before his move to Liverpool in 2011. They once both posed together.

The Dutchman is currently struggling at Manchester United, even though Erik ten Hag has finally arrived at Old Trafford. However, he’s still a fantastic player.

Despite his struggle so far in the Premier League, he’s literally one of the star footballers who were once ball boys.

2. Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva; star footballers who were once ball boys

As a Portuguese, the Citizens midfielder started as a ball boy at Benfica. Meanwhile, he’s currently irreplaceable at Manchester City, making headlines.

Despite being a ball boy at Benfica, Bernardo Silva struggled with the Portuguese side. And he made just 40 appearances.

However, he began to make waves in the world of football at Monaco, where he played more than 100 matches for the Ligue 1 side, scoring 24 goals in all competitions.

Football stars who were once ball boys before becoming players always make a difference, they are always brilliant and talented.

3. Raúl González


The Spanish footballer is unarguably a Real Madrid legend, he spent most of his professional career with Los Blancos. He later joined Schalke 04 and the rest.

Amazingly, Raúl González was once a ball boy at Real Madrid. He was one of the boys who usually pick up and supply balls for the player at the club’s ground.

The Spaniard is currently a caretaker manager for Real Madrid’s U-19. Since his retirement from professional football in 2015, he has remained at the club.

Raúl played as a central-forward during his time in football. And he scored 220 goals in 550 appearances for Real Madrid, making him one of the best strikers in the club’s history.

4. Matthijs de Ligt 

De Ligt; star footballers who were once ball boys

Just like Donny Van de Beek, the Dutch centre-back was also a ball boy at Ajax when Luis Suarez was still at the club, which was from 2011 to 2017.

Obviously, Matthijs de Ligt is currently one of the most reliable centre-backs in Europe’s top-5 leagues. Even though he’s just 23-year-old.

Despite being a defender, the Dutchman is indeed a famous player, he has almost make 200 senior appearances in the world of football.

De Ligt has been brilliant since his move to Bayern Munich, he was a reliable baller under Julian Nagelsmann. And he’s currently balling under Thomas Tuchel.

5. Phil Foden


At the age of 22, the Englishman is one of the star footballers who were once ball boys. He started his career at Manchester City, and is currently irreplaceable in the team.

Phil Foden was a ball boy when the likes of Pablo Zabaleta and Edin Džeko were still at the club. He usually sat down close to the pitch.

Having been 22-year-old, the English midfielder has already made 121 appearances for the Citizens. He played most of his games under Pep Guardiola.

Foden is considered untouchable at the club, he’s literally the future of Manchester City. The club intends to build their future around him.

6. Carlos Tevez 

Tevez; star footballers who were once ball boys

The Argentine is one of the most versatile players in the world of football. Meanwhile, he was once a ball boy at Boca Juniors in Argentina.

Before Carlos Tevez started his youth career at All Boys. He usually sits down close to the field, supplying the ball when there’s a throw or corner.

The Argentine made 517 appearances throughout his senior career in football, and he was able to register 227 goals. He played as an all-around forward.

Tevez primarily played as a striker. However, he handled positions like left-wing, right-wing and attacking midfield. He enjoyed most of his football at Manchester City.

7. Pep Guardiola


Before his managerial career, the Spaniard was one of the star footballers who were once ball boys. He started his career at Barcelona.

Pep Guardiola was successful during his professional football career. That’s why he’s always in the hearts of many of Barcelona’s fans, because he’s a legend.

Surprisingly, he has now achieved many things as a manager, having managed Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola’s story actually gives hope to many upcoming footballers in the world. He started as a ball boy, and is currently among the top three managers in the world of football.

8. Callum Hudson-Odoi

Hudson-Odoi; star footballers who were once ball boys

The 22-year-old English attacker is one of the most successful academy players at Chelsea. He grew up with the likes of Tammy Abraham, Reece James, and the rest.

In 2013-2014, Callum Hudson-Odoi was a ball boy at Stamford Bridge when Samuel Eto’o was still at the club.

However, the Englishman made it to the Blues’ senior team in 2017. Apparently, he was a ball boy at the club’s stadium for many years.

Regardless, he has won the UEFA Champions League with the West London club, placing him above Saka, Foden, and others.

9. Wesley Sneijder


The Dutchman is one of the most prolific attacking midfielders in the world, making 405 appearances and scoring 177 goals in all competitions during his career.

Just like Matthijs de Ligt and Donny Van de Beek, Wesley Sneijder was once a ball boy at Ajax. He started his football career with the Eredivisie side.

Of course, many Dutch players were products of the Ajax youth academy. And most of them were ball boys at the club, who usually supply balls during a football game.

Sneijder is a role model for many Netherlands footballers. He will go down as one of the most successful attacking midfielders in football.

10. Trent Alexander-Arnold


Just like other English youngsters. The Reds’ right-back started his football career in England, having made 189 appearances at the age of 24.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was once a ball boy at Liverpool, that was when Steven Gerrard was still at the club. He posed with the English midfielder.

Of course, the Englishman hasn’t played for any other club in his career aside from Liverpool. He made his senior debut in 2016.

Just like Phil Foden, Alexander-Arnold is also unstoppable under Jurgen Klopp. Regardless of his age, he has achieved many things with the Reds family.

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