Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has filed a lawsuit against the golf world-best, seeking to cancel a non-disclosure agreement she signed during their relationship.

Of course, Erica dated Mr Woods for five years, as they lived together in his massive Florida mansion. However, she has decided to file a lawsuit.

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend lawyers stated that the NDA she signed during her relationship with the golf superstar was invalid.

They argued that the agreement is unenforceable and not valid under U.S. federal legislation.

Obviously, the law became effective in 2022, making non-disclosure agreements unenforceable regarding sexual assault and harassment cases.

Meanwhile, Herman’s lawsuit doesn’t pinpoint any such allegation. Which means there are no specific allegations against Tiger Woods.

The break-up between Mr Woods and Ms. Erica hasn’t been formally announced. But the ex-couples haven’t been seen together in public since August 2022.

Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend

The last time they were spotted together was in New York, during the US Open tennis tournament.

Before things went haywire between the two ex-lovers. Herman worked at a restaurant owned by the golf 15-time major champion in Florida.

Erica Herman revealed that the pro golfer’s representatives took $40,000 from her, questioning her about how she earned the money.

As a result, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend is now wanting a whopping amount, more than $30 million—for breach of duty and severe emotional damages.

Ms Herman stated that the golf superstar forced her out of the house in Florida, after breaking up with her.

Knowing fully that she should have continued living in the massive mansion for another five years. Because of the oral tenancy agreement.

Therefore, she has the right to live in the house for a certain period of time. However, Mr Woods tricked her out of the house.


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