Wozniacki; celebrities who are Liverpool fans

Liverpool legends recently played a charity game against Celtic legends, which they won 2-0. Steven Gerrard and Mark González were part of the game. It’s easy to say that there are many high-profile celebrities who are Liverpool fans.

Even though the Reds have been struggling since the beginning of the season, there have been many ups and downs in their performances.

Their fanbase is very wide, meaning they are one of the most prestigious football clubs in Europe’s top-5 leagues, particularly in the Premier League.

As regards the 2022-2023, Jurgen Klopp’s troops are obviously out of the UEFA Champions League, being eliminated by Real Madrid.

Nevertheless, they are expected to gather enough reinforcements in the summer transfer window to balance their squad.

Speaking of the Premier League, clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal also have some celebrities as supporters.

However, celebrities who are Liverpool fans seem to be high-profile, people that command money in an instant.

Liverpool stats in the Premier League in 2022-2023

26 games
47 goals scored
35 assists
29 goals conceded
10 clean sheets
1.8 goals per 90 minutes
0/penalty goals
0/6 free-kick goals
39/307 goals inside the box
4/117 goals outside the box

The Reds family would be forever grateful to Jurgen Klopp, he has restored the club’s lost glory since he arrived at Anfield.

Despite the fact they haven’t been performing impressively in 2022-2023. The German gaffer has won many trophies for the club.

Interestingly, most football supporters don’t know those celebrities who are Reds, because they are people of high caliber.

They are literally billionaires, international singers, actors, politicians, and even National Basketball Association players.

Most of them do declare their affections for the Reds, perhaps on Twitter, during interviews, or on Instagram.

Here are 10 famous celebrities who are Liverpool fans

  • Angelina Jolie – Hollywood Actress

The well-known Hollywood actress can be confirmed as one of the celebrities who are Liverpool fans because of her children.

It has never been officially proven that Angelina Jolie is part of the Reds family. However, her family seems to be You Never Walk Alone.

Maddox and Shiloh, who are Angelina Jolie’s children, are huge Liverpool’s fans. Of course, as a parent, she must have had something to do with that.

Wozniacki; celebrities who are Liverpool fans

  • Caroline Wozniacki – Danish Tennis player

On February 24, 2011, the Denmark international showed her affection for Liverpool, even though she’s a tennis player.

She put on a shirt signed by Steven Gerrard for the warm-ups of her Qatar Open semi-final that year, making the Reds fans fall in love with her.

As a result, Caroline Wozniacki can be said to be one of the high-profile celebrities who support the Reds family.

  • Dr Dre – American rapper 

In 2011, the American rapper declared that his favorite player in the world of football is Michael Owen, when he was still at Anfield.

Dr Dre has always been a loyal Liverpool fan, as he made known during his interview with the club’s official website.

Speaking of Premier League clubs with many famous celebrities, the Reds are one of the top five on the list.

  • Daniel Craig – English actor 

The secret agent James Bond was reportedly raised at Merseyside. However, he’s a huge fan of the Reds family.

Daniel Craig has been spotted taking action at Anfield many times. Obviously, that’s unknown to many of Liverpool’s fans.

Whenever the British actor is free, he does head to Liverpool, spending time at the stadium to watch a game, cheering up Steven Gerrard.

  • LeBron James – NBA player 

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar secured a small stake (2%) in the club from their owner in 2011, becoming part of the backbones.

LeBron James once donned a Liverpool polo shirt during one of his post-match press conferences.

From that standpoint, it’s wise enough to declare that Los Angeles Lakers basketball player is part of the Reds world.

  • Liam Neeson – Northern Ireland actor 

Unlike other celebrities who are Liverpool fans, the well-known actor has been to Anfield many times.

He has been spotted at the club’s grounds several times with his sons, watching a game. He also idolizes Steven Gerrard.

Liam Neeson was a little bit shocked when the Liverpool’s legend left the club in 2025. He wanted him to stay another 2 years.

Lana Del Rey

  • Lana Del Rey – New York singer

The American singer and songwriter was spotted at Anfield in 2013, when the Reds played against Tottenham Hotspur.

Interestingly, Lana Del Rey recited the club’s anthem flawlessly, showing the world that she’s part of the family.

Apart from her appearance in 2013, the female singer has been to the club many times, feeling the atmosphere.

  • Chris de Burgh – Singer and songwriter 

The well-known British-Irish singer also named Steven Gerrard as one of his favorite players.

In 2020, Chris de Burgh celebrated the Reds winning the Premier League title on Facebook, making his affection known.

Surprisingly, he sang the club’s anthem without any mistakes, even though he has never been pictured at Anfield.

  • Kim Cattrall – Canadian actress 

She’s actually a huge fan of the Reds, because she was born and brought up in Mossley Hill, Liverpool.

Unlike other celebrities, Kim Cattrall hasn’t really been spotted at Anfield, perhaps catching a game or something.

However, she came out hard on Twitter in 2014, slamming people who were doubting her affection for Liverpool Football Club.

  • Melanie C – English singer 

The 49-year-old songwriter is a massive Liverpool fan, as she was born in Merseyside, which is very obvious.

Melanie C declared her love for the Reds family in 2019. She donned the club’s shirt on stage.

Amazingly, Liverpool were playing in the UEFA Champions League that year. She came out as Reds in true Sporty Spice fashion.

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