Most penalties won in Premier League history

Of course, the English top flight is one of the toughest leagues in Europe. Nevertheless, there are some players with the most penalties won in Premier League history.

EPL defenders are one of the most reliable in Europe’s top-5 leagues. As a result, it’s not easy for them to concede penalties in the league.

Only teams that are composed in the final third have the ability to win penalties. The likes of Manchester City and Liverpool claim penalties for fun.

The Reds have been struggling since the beginning of the 2022-2023 campaign. Therefore, they haven’t won many penalties this campaign.

With the likes of Mohamed Salah, Cody Gakpo, and the rest. Liverpool haven’t won many penalties this season as regards their statistics in all competitions.

Speaking of players with the most penalties won in Premier League history. They make it happen as a result of their skills and flicks inside the opponent’s box.

In all fairness, winning a penalty is as essential as scoring goals. Because a player will have to be able to perform some tricks in the box, before winning a penalty.

Of course, some defenders are good in a 1v1 situation. They don’t give away or concede penalties easily, always stay vigilant and composed at the back.

Centre-backs like Thiago Silva of Chelsea and Van Dijk of Liverpool don’t commit penalties easily. They are always on their grounds, helping the team’s defensive display.

Unbelievably, the Blues are the only team not to give away a penalty in the Premier League so far this season.

Who are the players with the most penalties won in Premier League history? 

5. Andrew Johnson – 14 (Striker)

The former Englishman is one of the most complete central-forwards in the EPL. He did help his teams during his time in the Premier League.

Andrew Johnson played for the likes of Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, and the rest. Meanwhile, he made 390 appearances and scored 114 goals.

He enjoyed most of his football with the Eagles. Of course, Crystal Palace have been in the league for many years, and they keep making waves.

As a striker, Johnson is a very tricky player, and he did make use of his ability to beat down defenders. He normally causes havoc inside the opponent’s box.

Just like Harry Kane of Tottenham. Andrew was a complete striker. Who was very complete and fearless , particularly in the final third.

4. Alan Shearer – 15 (Striker)

This is another English central-forward on the list of the players with the most penalties won in Premier League history.

Alan Shearer is indeed an EPL legend. He held many unbreakable records in the league, even though Haaland is gunning for his records.

The Englishman was an all-around forward, he has the ability to attack from the left or right flank. He was a in-box striker.

Alan Shearer played for just three clubs in his professional football career, which were Newcastle, Southampton, and Blackburn Rovers.

Throughout his career in the league. He was able to win 15 penalties, that’s incredible for a striker. Alan always makes it happen inside the box.

3. Wilfried Zaha – 19 (Attacker)

The Ivorian winger is one of the most irreplaceable players for the Eagles. The 30-year-old attacker has now made more than 300 appearances for Palace.

Amazingly, Wilfried Zaha has won 19 penalties for Crystal Palace. He remains one of the most dangerous attackers in the Premier League.

Of course, the Ivorian international is known for his ability to maneuver inside the opponent’s box. Frankly, he’s very skilled and talented.

Zaha hasn’t played for any clubs outside the Premier League. He has played for Manchester United, and is currently at Crystal Palace.

The Ivorian attacker struggled at Old Trafford. However, he’s currently making waves with the Eagles, helping the team’s performance.

2. Jamie Vardy – 23 (Striker)

Speaking of the players with the most penalties won in Premier League history. This is another English player on the list, making headlines in the league.

Apparently, Jamie Vardy is currently struggling in the league. He’s having such an unusual season, nevertheless, he remains among the best in the league.

So far in his career in the league, the English central-forward has won 23 penalties. Even though he’s a standard and complete striker.

Despite being one of the most dangerous strikers in Europe’s top-5 leagues. Vardy hasn’t played outside the Premier League, he has played for only Leicester City in the EPL.

It’s amazing to see Jamie Vardy win more penalties than many other attackers in the Premier League. He’s very dangerous inside the box.

Most penalties won in Premier League history

1. Raheem Sterling – 23 (Attacker)

No player has won more penalties than Raheem Sterling in Premier League history. He did make it happen inside the opponent’s box, causing havoc.

Of course, the former Liverpool player has also played for Manchester City, and he is currently playing for Chelsea. He hasn’t played outside the EPL.

Raheem Sterling is a class attacker, and his versatility allows him to do the impossible on the pitch. As a result, he’s tied with Jamie Vardy, winning 23 penalties.

The Englishman hasn’t really won any penalties for Chelsea, since he arrived at Stamford Bridge. However, he was unstoppable with the Citizens.

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