Tyler Adams to Chelsea

Unbelievably, Tyler Adams to Chelsea is now a done deal. The West London club have reached an agreement with Leeds United, as they activated the £20 million relegation clause.

Of course, Mauricio Pochettino’s side have started their midfield rebuild. They don’t want to settle for less in Europe’s top-5 leagues, particularly in the Premier League this season.

The American midfielder has already reached personal terms with the Blues. Also, he reportedly underwent the first part of his medical on Wednesday.

And he will complete the main part of the medical on Thursday. Apparently, the 24-year-old American midfielder is already a Chelsea this summer transfer window.

Despite the fact that Tyler Adams to Chelsea is happening. The Blues are still in talks to sign Moisés Caicedo from Brighton Albion and Roméo Lavia from Southampton.

The Premier League side sold many first-team midfielders this summer transfer window. As a result, they want to do everything in their power to equip the midfield.

Obviously, Mauricio Pochettino is enamored with the 4-2-3-1 formation. Therefore, he needs enough legs in the midfield, to partner with Enzo Fernández.

Of course, Lesley Ugochukwu and Andrey Santos are most likely to stay with the first-team. Nevertheless, the Blues have signed Adams as the first piece of their midfield rebuild.

Meanwhile, Tyler Adams is currently injured. He hasn’t played many games for Leeds United since March. As a result, he’s unavailable on Sunday to face Liverpool.

Regardless, the West London club are able to get a new defensive midfielder. Therefore, they would focus on signing Moisés Caicedo or Roméo Lavia.

According to The Athletic, the Blues have already submitted a bid of £48 million to Southampton for Roméo Lavia. However, it’s reported that the bid will be rejected.

The Saints want a fee of £50 million for the 19-year-old Belgian. Nevertheless, the West London club are most likely to sign Moisés Caicedo or Roméo Lavia to balance the midfield.

Tyler Adams stats for Leeds United (2022-2023) 

24 games (24 starts)
70.6 touches per 90
1.0 key passes per 90
82% pass accuracy
1.5 interceptions per 90
3.7 tackles per 90
1.0 clearances per 90
37% dribble success
1.2 dribbled past per 90
55% ground duels won
64% aerial duels won
57% total duels won

Without being sentimental, Tyler Adams is such an underrated midfielder. He’s a very solid defensive midfielder, who fits Mauricio Pochettino’s style.

Despite the fact that Leeds United were poor in the Premier League last season. Adams was one of their best players, helping the team’s performance in the league.

Even though Chelsea are still going to sign Moisés Caicedo of Brighton Albion. Tyler is enough to partner Enzo Fernandez at Chelsea in all competitions.

The American midfielder is Premier League proven. As a result, he’s not going to flop or struggle to establish himself at Stamford Bridge under Mauricio Pochettino.

Tyler Adams stats at 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar 

4 matches (4 starts)
80.0 touches per 90
0.5 key passes per 90
90% pass accuracy
1.0 interceptions per 90
2.6 tackles per 90
1.3 clearances per 90
100% dribble success
1.0 dribbled past per 90
59% ground duels won
71% aerial duels won
61% total duels won

The USMNT star boy doesn’t joke around as a defensive midfielder. He’s used to single-handedly commanding the midfield, helping the team’s performance.

Of course, Tyler is potentially ahead of Lesley Ugochukwu and Andrey Santos. Therefore, his defensive awareness will definitely help Mauricio Pochettino’s selection this season.

Adams, who is just 24-year-old, can still do better at Chelsea. He can improve himself under the Argentine gaffer, turning himself into a reliable defensive midfielder.

Who is Tyler Adams? 

The 24-year-old midfielder started his football career with the New York Red Bulls II. Which means he’s one of the street footballers, developing himself.

Adams was one of the brilliant players to graduate from the Red Bulls Academy. He played under Jesse Marsch at the NY Red Bulls, RB Leipzig, and Leeds United.

Despite being just 24-year-old. Tyler has made 191 professional appearances in football. With 36 games played for the USMNT, showing his importance as a DM.

Adams joined Leeds United from RB Leipzig. And he has been making waves in the Premier League, showing off his ball-winning skills and experience.

Tyler Adams to Chelsea: What are his strengths and weaknesses? 

As I said earlier, the 24-year-old USMNT player is a solid defensive midfielder. He usually holds his ground on the pitch, destroying the opponent’s players.

Adams biggest strength is his ability to win the ball. He does this easily as a result of his tackling prowess. His ball-winning ability makes him unbeatable in the midfield.

The player’s ability on the ball is flawless. His physicality and athleticism allow him to control the midfield, winning the ball back comfortably.

Speaking of his ball-winning ability. The 24-year-old American midfielder wins defensive duels for fun, he has the capacity to dictate the team’s performance from the midfield.

Also, despite being a defensive midfielder. Tyler is a good passer, with passing prowess being one of his strongest skills on the pitch.

His passing ability is actually beyond his age. He was flawless with his passes at RB Leipzig and Leeds United, improving on a daily basis.

Aside from that, he’s a progressive passer. Which means, the player doesn’t only defend the midfield, Tyler also adds to the team’s offensiveness.

His ball-carrying ability is actually beyond average. He has the ability to move the ball forward, creating chances for the attackers to penetrate.

Also, in aerial duels; Adams has the capacity to fight for the ball in the air. He’s very strong, challenging the opponent’s players aerially.

Unlike other Chelsea midfielders. The USMNT baller is comfortable in the air. At least, he won 64% of aerial duels in the Premier League last season.

As a DM, Tyler is excellent defensively. His defensive awareness and contributions are massive, despite being just 24-year-old. As a result, he’s a big addition to the Blues team.

Adams is a good tackler, winning interceptions and clearances for fun. He’s actually a complete defensive midfielder, because his defensive skills are extraordinary.

Work rate; just like N’Golo Kante, the American midfielder is a workaholic. He has an insane engine room, usually running hither and thither on the pitch.

He’s used to playing for 90 minutes without getting tired. Tyler always covers a large space on the pitch, trying to contribute to the team’s offensive and defensive performances.

Of course, he’s a defensive midfielder. However, his work rate is outstanding. The player offers support to the attack and the defense, going back and forth.

In addition, versatility; the 24-year-old American midfielder can play multiple roles. That means Mauricio Pochettino wants him for different reasons.

Tyler Adams to Chelsea


Tyler Adams may be a complete defensive midfielder. Nevertheless, he has his own limitations, showing room for improvement at Chelsea.

Injury is one of the player’s weaknesses. His injury record is very bad. He’s currently battling a hamstring injury.

The USMNT player has been on the sidelines since March. He seems like an injury-prone player. Of course, this doesn’t look good for Chelsea.

The West London club already have many injury-prone players in the squad. However, Adams is most likely to get better at Stamford Bridge.

Having been a defensive midfielder. The player is bad at crossing, which means he’s poor at set-pieces. Regardless, he can improve under Mauricio Pochettino.

Also, Adams lacks concentration on the ball. As a result, he does lose ball possession easily, particularly when he’s trying to progress the ball forward.

What position does Tyler Adams play? 

Actually, the 24-year-old American plays as a defensive midfielder. He can play as a lone DM or double pivot in the midfield.

At the same time, his versatility allows him to play as a central midfielder. Which explains his ball-carrying ability as a defensive midfielder.

Also, he has the ability to play as a right-back. His defensive awareness explains that better, talking about his positioning and tackling prowess on the pitch.

Tyler Adams to Chelsea: What’s his style of play? 

The player doesn’t leave the midfield too open. Therefore, he likes to stay close to the centre-backs, because he has the ability to play as a lone defensive midfielder.

Tyler loves to read the game before making any attempts to tackle. He usually positions himself very well in the midfield, giving himself an advantage to win the ball.

Speaking Tyler Adams to Chelsea. He loves to play short passes, he doesn’t make long or diagonal passes, the player likes to make it short and simple.

Despite being a defensive midfielder. The 24-year-old USMNT player is an accurate shooter. He likes to play shots from a distance, frustrating the opponent’s players.

Tyler likes to run, putting his pace and acceleration into action. He doesn’t rest on the pitch, loves to chase the opponent’s players, winning the ball.

He has that in common with N’Golo Kante. That’s why he usually has many touches in a game, because the player likes to run back and forth on the pitch.

Also, as a DM, Adams likes to tackle. Of course, that’s one of his biggest strengths, his defensive awareness is impressive. So, he likes to make tackles and interceptions.

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