Football players who are twins

Obviously, football in Europe’s top flight leagues is many things. There are blood brothers, fathers, and sons who are footballers. At the same time, there are football players who are twins, making tremendous careers in the sport.

Sport is very voluminous because it comprises many things. The likes of basketball, golf, boxing, and the rest are considered sports.

Nevertheless, football as a sport seems like the most exciting and interesting. That’s why there are many unbelievable things happening in football.

Some of these football players didn’t make enough waves in Europe’s top-5 leagues. However, they are successful as footballers, winning trophies and the rest.

Such as there are blood brothers who play football, representing the same club and country. There are childhood friends who are brothers.

Many football fans focus solely on Europe’s top-5 leagues. Meanwhile, there are many amazing things happening in football outside of Europe.

Of course, the UEFA Champions League makes Europe’s top flight leagues very competitive. Nevertheless, there’s football outside Europe, which is very interesting.

Half of football fans don’t know that some of these players are twins. Because they only pay attention to the top players in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Here are the football players who are twins 

  • Miguel Flaño & Javier Flaño (Spaniards) 

This is actually interesting. They are both twins, having had a tremendous football career in Spain. They played most of their career games in La Liga.

However, Miguel Flaño (centre-back) and Javier Flaño (right-back) played different positions. Both at club and international levels, they were actually amazing and wonderful.

Interestingly, these Spanish twins started their football careers together at Osasuna in Spain. And they played many matches together for the La Liga side.

Since they were both defenders, they understood each other very well on the pitch. Their combination literally won many games in La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the rest.

Meanwhile, Javier Flaño later left his twin at Osasuna as he moved to Numancia. Before he came back to Osasuna in 2014. And he played another set of games with his twin.

  • Halil Altıntop & Hamit Altıntop (Turkish) 

Speaking of football players who are twins. The Turkish footballers were one of them, because they played for some clubs in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Unbelievably, Halil Altıntop and Hamit Altıntop played as midfielders throughout their careers in football. But one of them was a bit versatile, playing as a striker.

Turkish players are kind of brilliant and talented, having watched them in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. However, they don’t usually play in Europe.

Meanwhile, these Turkish twins played for many clubs in Europe’s top-5 leagues. Also, they began their careers at the academy, which was Wattenscheid 09 in Germany.

Halil Altıntop played in the Bundesliga, the likes of Eintracht Frankfurt, Schalke 04, and the rest. While his twin, Hamit Altintop, made appearances for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and others.

  • Ramiro Funes Mori & Rogelio Funes Mori (Argentines) 

They are both Argentina internationals, starting their football careers at the same club. They began together at River Plate in Argentina, even though they played different positions.

The Argentine twins both made some appearances in Europe. However, one of them is currently playing for Monterrey in Mexico, scoring 125 goals as a striker.

Ramiro Funes Mori (defender) and Rogelio Funes Mori (forward) don’t have anything in common on the pitch. Of course, they played many games together for River Plate.

Amazingly, one of them was able to taste the toxicity in the Premier League and La Liga. He played for Everton in England, and Villarreal in Spain, making his career worthwhile.

Even though Rogelio only played as a striker. His twin, Ramiro, was very versatile as a player, he played as a centre-back, left-back, and defensive midfielder.

  • Ronald de Boer & Frank de Boer (Dutchmen) 

They are now 53-year-old, having been into management in football. They were one of the most popular football players who are twins, making enough headlines in Europe.

The story of the Dutch twins is actually exciting. Ronald de Boer and Frank de Boer started their careers together at Ajax Academy, where they were very brilliant and talented.

Of course, Barcelona signed both of them in 1999, meaning they played most of their games in Europe’s top-5 leagues. They made some appearances together for the Culers.

The La Liga side loves signing Dutch players, because of their potential and abilities. These twins are literally the Bluagranas legends in football.

Aside from that, Ronald and Frank both joined Al-Rayyan in 2004. And they left together in 2005 to join Al-Shamal, playing different positions as footballers.

  • Julio Dely Valdés & Jorge Dely Valdés (Panamanians)

The Panamanian twins (56-year-old) have both retired from professional football. However, they also had an interesting story in football, because they played the same position.

Actually, not both of them played in Europe, even though they are one of the football players who are twins. Regardless, they were brilliant and reliable players.

Julio Dely Valdés and Jorge Dely Valdés played as central-forwards. They both scored more than 200 career goals in all competitions, showing their ability to score goals.

They were called up to the Panama national team in the same year, which was 1991. And they both made more than 40 appearances for the national team.

Julio Dely Valdés was the one who played many games in Europe’s top-5 leagues. He played in Ligue 1, La Liga and Serie A.

Sven Bender & Lars Bender

  • Sven Bender & Lars Bender (Germans) 

The German twins have both retired from professional football. Despite the fact that they played most of their games in the Bundesliga.

Surprisingly, Sven Bender (centre-back) and Lars Bender (right-back) played as defenders. And they were both brilliant, reliable, and talented players.

Having come from Germany, they began their careers at 1860 Munich in the country. Therefore, they were signed by top clubs in the Bundesliga as a result of their abilities.

They were able to make some appearances in the UEFA Champions League. Unbelievably, they played many games together for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

Before joining his twin at Bayer Leverkusen in 2017, Sven Bender was at Borussia Dortmund since 2009. Meanwhile, they both made more than 300 club appearances.

  • David Degen & Philipp Degen (Swiss) 

These are another pair of football players who are twins, making enough headlines in the world of football. However, they are now retired, and play most of their games in Europe.

Amazingly, they actually had many things in common. Because they played the same position, learning from each other on the pitch as players.

David Degen and Philipp Degen are right wingers. However, one of them was a bit versatile, because he had the ability to play as a right-back, very good defensively.

The Swiss twins began their careers together at the Basel Academy. Before they went their separate ways in their senior careers, making some appearances at the UCL.

Philipp was able to play for Liverpool in the Premier League and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. However, his twin, David, spent his entire career in Switzerland.

  • Fábio da Silva & Rafael da Silva (Brazilians)

Having been one of the football players who are twins. One is currently playing for Grêmio in Brazil, and the second one is also playing for Botafogo.

Of course, Rafael da Silva and Fábio da Silva are so popular as twins. Because they both played for Manchester United in the Premier League.

Interestingly, the Brazilian twins are playing as full-backs. Which means they used to bench each other during their time with the Red Devils in England.

Rafael da Silva was able to make more than 100 appearances for Manchester United. While his twin, Fábio played just 22 games for the Red Devils, spending many years on loan.

They are both brilliant and reliable defensively. Of course, Rafael is still one of the best full-backs in Manchester United’s history, making waves as a defender.

Football players who are twins

  • Aleksei Berezutski & Vasili Berezutski (Russians) 

Having been 40-year-old, they have already retired from professional football careers. However, they are now both in management at CSKA Moscow.

Aleksei Berezutski and Vasili Berezutski both played as centre-backs. However, they also played as left-back and right-back, as a result of their versatility on the pitch.

In addition, they both started their senior careers at FC Moscow. Of course, they were some of the best Russian players in the world of football.

Unbelievably, they both spent their entire careers at CSKA Moscow. As a result, they were able to make more than 300 appearances for the Russian club in all competitions.

Since they were both centre-backs, Aleksei and Vasili played and won many games for CSKA Moscow. They were very loyal to the club throughout their football careers.

  • Juanmi Callejón & José Callejón (Spaniards)

Actually, the Spanish twins play different positions as footballers. However, they are still up and running in the world of football, playing for clubs in Spain.

Juanmi Callejón and José Callejón as twins, are very famous in Europe’s top-5 leagues. Because they both began their football careers at Real Madrid academy.

However, one was able to breakthrough to Los Blancos first-team, while the second one couldn’t make it. As a result, they both left Real Madrid at some point.

José Callejón is seen as the most successful. Because he played for Napoli and Fiorentina in Serie A. And he’s currently playing for Granada in Spain.

Meanwhile, his twin, Juanmi Callejón spent most of his career out of Europe. Nevertheless, they are both brilliant and talented, despite playing different positions.

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