Vitor Roque

After the signing of İlkay Gündoğan from Manchester City on a free transfer. Barcelona have now signed Vitor Roque from Athletico Paranaense in Brazil.

Of course, Xavi Hernández and Joan Laporta are preparing vehemently for their future. The Culers aren’t ready to settle for less in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Barcelona have reached an agreement with Athletico Paranaense to sign the 18-year-old Brazilian. And all the contracts have reportedly been signed for a total of €45 million.

Vitor will sign a 5-year contract with Barcelona until June 2028. Also, he has a €1 billion release clause in his deal with the La Liga side.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian youngster will only be able to join Barcelona’s squad in January 2024. Which means he’s expected to stay at Athletico Paranaense until next year.

Xavi Hernández believes so much in Roque. The manager thinks the 18-year-old Brazilian is most likely to become the next Luis Suárez for the Bluagranas in the next few years.

Amazingly, Vitor Roque has a release clause of Ballon D’or in his Barcelona contract. It means, Athletico Paranaense would receive bonuses, if he wins any individual awards.

According to several reports, Manchester United, Tottenham, and Paris Saint-Germain recently contacted Roque’s camp. However, the player chose to join the Culers.

In addition, Vitor reportedly had better offers than Barcelona’s proposal. Which means Athletico Paranaense could have sold him for a higher price, but he chose the La Liga side.

Since the 18-year-old Brazilian will fully join the Culers in January 2024. He’s expected to participate in the second-half of the 2023-2024 campaign.

Despite performing poorly in European competitions last season. Xavi Hernández desires to go far in all competitions next campaign, as he keeps gathering reinforcements.

Barcelona’s signings so far in this summer transfer window 

  • Mikayil Faye – until 2027
  • İlkay Gündoğan – until 2025
  • Vitor Roque – until 2028
  • Iñigo Martínez – until 2025

Unbelievably, the Blaugranas chose Roque over Endrick. Because they believe he’s more mature and complete, he would be able to join the Culers in January 2024.

The two Brazilian youngsters are currently playing in Brazil. Meanwhile, they will soon be playing El Clasico against each other in La Liga in the next few years.

Vitor Roque stats for Athletico Paranaense in Brasileiro Série A (2023) 

13 appearances (10 starts)
7 goals
2 assists
6.03 expected goals
0.77 expected assists
0.5 goals per 90
2.3 shots per 90
1.1 shots on target per 90
4 big chances missed
27.8 touches
1.0 key passes
47% dribble success
78% pass accuracy
0.2 interceptions
0.9 tackles

Statistically, the 18-year-old Brazilian already looks like Robert Lewandowski’s backup. And he has the ability to succeed with the first-team next year, particularly in La Liga.

Vitor is a goal-machine. He has the capacity to shut down Europe’s top-5 leagues in a few years. More so, he will get enough tutoring under Xavi Hernández.

Surprisingly, Roque and Endrick exchanged shirts when Athletico Paranaense and Palmeiras faced each other in the Brasileiro Série A. However, they will become rivals in 2024, particularly in the Spanish league.

Raphinha on Roque:

“With Vitor, we are talking about a high-quality footballer, who is showing in Brazil why Barcelona thinks of him and also the Brazilian team. I hope he is my teammate at Barcelona.”

Apparently, Barcelona’s players are already looking forward to welcoming the 18-year-old Brazilian. Which means he will be able to establish himself at Spotify Camp Nou.

Who is Vitor Roque?

Actually, the 18-year-old Brazilian has an interesting story. He’s somehow a street footballer, which means he has the ability to adjust to any league.

Vitor started his football career at Cruzeiro in Brazil. Meanwhile, he started as a left and right winger, before becoming a central-forward.

As a result, he’s versatile enough to play at least three different positions up front. Of course, that gives Xavi Hernández enough depth in the squad.

Meanwhile, when Roque is 16-year-old in October 2021. He surprisingly made his Serie B debut for Cruzeiro, gradually making headlines in football.

Six months later, after making his Serie B debut. He joined Athletico Paranaense, becoming their top transfer. Obviously, he has spent his entire career in Brazil.

Vitor Roque’s strengths and weaknesses

Despite being just 18-year-old, the Brazilian youngster ticks all the boxes as a central-forward. Which means he will definitely succeed at Barcelona.

Finishing is one of Roque’s biggest attributes. He’s very clinical as a player, doesn’t miss many chances. He has missed only four chances for Athletico Paranaense in 2023.

Considering the toxicity in La Liga. The Brazilian youngster will definitely rely on his finishing prowess, to make his way inside the opposition’s territory.

Also, the Brazilian international has technicality and agility. Vitor doesn’t get beaten off the ball easily, and he has his own way of entertaining the fans.

Having been one of the best young players in Brazil. It’s obvious to know that Vitor has techniques, therefore, he has that in common with the Brazilian legend, Ronaldo.

Even though he’s just 18-year-old, his first touch and passing skills are excellent. As a result, he will definitely get better at Barcelona starting in 2024.

In addition, Roque has amazing off-the-ball movement, making everything easy for him on the pitch. He usually drops deep to link-up play and connect.

At the same time, the Brazilian youngster moves within the final third, adding to the team’s counterattacks. He never makes it easy for the opponent’s defenders.

Despite being a striker, Vitor has pace and acceleration. That allows him to charge the team’s tempo in attack, beating the opponents in counterattacks.

Also, his teammates are fond of making long passes to locate him. They know he has enough running ability to catch up with the ball, with his brilliant ball control.

Another point is physicality. He contributes a high level of hold-up play on the pitch. His lower body is very strong, making it difficult for the opposition to get him off the ball.

The Brazilian international is fast, agile, and has the ability to burst through opponents. As a result, he has the capacity to battle with the team in La Liga.

Amazingly, Roque also has defensive contributions as one of his strengths. Despite being a central-forward, he contributes massively to the team’s defensive performance.

Apparently, he has successfully made some tackles and interceptions for Athletico Paranaense in 2023. Of course, strikers rarely play because they always stay up front.

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old Brazilian is enamored with dropping deep into the midfield, connecting with the midfielders. Therefore, he has a chance of making tackles.

Obviously, his strengths reveal why many European clubs are hell-bent on getting his signature. He’s going to be a massive addition for the Culers.

Vitor Roque


Vitor Roque doesn’t really have any significant weaknesses. Of course, he has been playing in Brazil, perhaps Europe can reveal some of his shortcomings.

Nevertheless, the 18-year-old Brazilian striker has some limitations. Actually, he tends to become a complete striker like Ronaldo, if he works on these limitations.

Roque isn’t really a good dribbler, which means dribbling is one of his shortcomings. However, he’s good in 1v1 situations, beating down the opponent’s players.

Also, the Brazilian youngster is bad at decision making. Despite his ability to hold-up play, he’s very poor at decision making, but has enough room for improvement.

Sometimes he releases the ball sooner, picks up passes late, and the rest. Xavi Hernández will definitely help his decision making, because he will need it in La Liga next year.

What is Vitor Roque’s position?

The 18-year-old Brazilian plays as a striker. Barcelona sees him as a backup for Robert Lewandowski, believing that he could become Luis Suárez in the future.

At the same time, he has the ability to play from both flanks in the attack. Since he’s using both legs, he can play both wings up front on the pitch.

Also, he can dazzle as a second striker. His versatility is actually second to none, considering his age in football. Nevertheless, he naturally plays as a striker.

Vitor Roque style of play 

The Brazilian international is a dynamic No.9. He likes to stay forward, particularly in the 4-2-3-1 formation. In other cases, he prefers to drop deep into the midfield.

As a result of his versatility, Vitor likes to attack from both flanks. That’s why he’s always effective against defensive-minded teams, regardless of the competition.

Regardless of his age and stamina, he likes to use his body to beat down the opponent’s players. The Brazilian makes everything difficult inside the opponent’s box.

In some cases, the 18-year-old striker likes to put his pace, footwork, and physicality on display. He’s fond of destroying the opposition’s players on the pitch.

Roque loves to use his off-the-ball movement in the final third. As a result, he makes himself unstoppable against the defenders, which will make him prevail in La Liga.

The central-forward loves to play shots, he’s a brilliant ball-striker. He’s apparently a clinical finisher, who strikes the ball with both feet, wanting to score.

Like I said earlier, Vitor Roque is unpredictable in 1v1 situations. Which means he likes to use his skills and body movements to destroy the defenders.

Frankly, his style of play is similar to Luis Suárez. That’s one of the reasons Barcelona chose him over Real Madrid’s Endrick, even though he’s also a goal-machine.

Vitor likes to position himself very well inside the opponent’s box, making himself accessible for his teammates. He comfortably receives through balls.

Even though he’s not really a good dribbler. Roque likes to dribble a lot, creating chances for himself, putting his dribbling prowess to action on the pitch.

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